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Spotlight on the LGBTQI+ Community in the Moving Industry

Monday, June 12, 2023
A wall in Tel Aviv showing LGBTQI+ rainbow flag with headline saying: Love is love

All people around the world want to feel a sense of belonging within their own community and be accepted by their new communities when they move. This is especially significant for LGBTQI+ individuals who encounter unique challenges and experiences when they consider relocating to a different city or country. The universal desire to be embraced for one's authentic self and to be surrounded by individuals who understand and accept their identity is paramount. Thus, we are celebrating LGBTQI+ mobility and showcasing the most LGBTQI+-friendly destinations to facilitate a smooth transition. Wishing you a joyous Pride Month filled with acceptance and inclusivity.

LGBTQI+ Community Living in the US

A son with his two dads hanging out, outdoors where the son is on one of his dad’s laps

The experiences of the LGBTQI+ community can vary across different regions, both within states and between cities. Certain areas in the US embrace diversity and inclusion more openly than others, creating a more welcoming environment. Consequently, when considering a move to a new city or state, it is important to conduct research regarding their attitudes and support systems. Factors such as local laws and the functioning of support networks should be taken into account. This applies to anyone relocating, whether within states or internationally, as part of a standard procedure.

However, many states in the US are known to be LQBTQI+ friendly such as: 

  • San Francisco
  • Atlanta
  • New York
  • Seattle
  • Norfolk
  • Salt Lake City
  • Indianapolis
  • Norfolk 
A couple sitting on the beach, next to each other, where one is cuddling into his partner's shoulder

It is noted that Democratic states are often inclusive of the community, meanwhile Red States are seeing an increase in the inclusion of the LQBTQI+ community in recent years. Furthermore, there are also more states that allow same-sex marriages (by law) such as

  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • Kansas
  • Colorado
  • Wyoming
  • Indiana
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Montana
  • Wisconsin
  • Oklahoma,
  • West Virginia
  • Virginia 

This is why it is important to research the laws and keep up-to-date with their changes in the states where you are moving. Plus, you can also speak to a professional to get the latest information about the ever-changing laws across various US states. 

Also, a lot of the above-mentioned states are more affordable when it comes to the cost of living. Another thing to keep in mind is the latter when it comes to moving to a new home. Not only do people want to move to a community to feel a part of, but they also want to afford to live there comfortably.

Outside of the US for LGBTQI+ Friendly Living 

A couple where one is kissing the other on her cheek and both of them are wrapped in the LGBTQI+ flag

However, if you are going to move, then why not go for a new adventure? Move outside of the US and even across the seas? Not only will you find a community that is acceptable but, you may also find a different sense of life. Countries have their only cultures, traditions, foods, lifestyle, and, for lack of a better word... vibes that you may not get in the United States. Although, a lot of places can be influenced by the West certainly when it comes to media with the influx of streaming, movies, etc. However, you may want to pick up the language before you make the move just to give you a jump start on the experience of living there. That does depend on where you decide to move to, obviously. 

Again research is key to deciding where to move to, and you would also have to look into the visa situation as well. Some countries may not need a visa depending on what passport you have, but the majority do. Also, you would want to get a job in the country of your choice before making the move. This will make it easier for living in the new place, and it can also help you apply for a visa to get there.

Here are some of the countries that are welcoming to the LGBTQI+ community broken down by continent:


A man taking a selfie while smiling and showing a sign of peace with his hand

Europe has a rich history and culture. Many countries have changed with the times either due to technology or the wisdom of age. Therefore, there are a few places that are welcome to the community of LGBTQI+ individuals even if it is just for the mindset.


Known as being the safest country for the LGBTQI+ community because it is one of the countries that have the most progressive rights. This all began in 2014 when Marie Louise Coleiro Preca became president of the country, and she criminalized conversion therapy. Since then, about 72% of the world view Malta as a great place for the LGBTQI+ community to be a part of. Furthermore, the LGBTQI+ community enjoys 91% of the rights in Malta such as marriage, adoption, and even the military, etc. 


The first country in the world to recognize same-sex partnerships is one in Europe, Denmark. This came about in 1989 with Denmark legalizing it in 2012. 


With the first comes the second, and Belgium became the second one in the world to make same-sex marriages legal. This happened in 2003 and since then the country has won a few honors regarding the LQBTQI+ community. Such as fourth place on Gallup's 2015 list: "Top Places for Gay People to Live." And, other rewards mostly related to expats. 

Friends celebrating their rights and pride month while smiling and posing under rainbow flag


The French have a reputation when it comes to food and their nightlife. But, it also has an active LGBTQI+ community, particularly in Paris. Furthermore, same-sex marriage became legal in 2013. What is more, is that France is the first one in the world to de-list transgender identification as being viewed as a mental illness. 


Moving to Iceland can make you very happy. So much so that it was ranked as the happiest country for gay men. Iceland was also the first country whose head of government was openly gay, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir. They were the prime minister from 2009 to 2013. 


Keeping it in the "I"s and in Europe is Ireland. In 2015, it made sex-same marriages due to the legal vote, a first in the world. Plus, Ireland is also known for having stringent protections when it comes to the LGBTQI+ community getting discrimination against. 

More countries in Europe for you to look into are:

  • Luxembourg
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Portugal
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Finland

LGBTQI+ Friendly Countries Outside of the US and Europe

A woman smiling and giving thumbs up with both hands as sign of approval

Europe and the US are not the only continents in the world that are welcoming. There are a lot more. We will mention a short list starting with two in South America: Argentina and Uruguay. The culture, weather, art, and food are a way of life and the members of the LGBTQI+ community can feel at home in either place. 

Plus, there are other places to make a home such as New Zealand with its wonderful natural landscapes and big LGBTQI+ community, and South Africa with the former as well as a whole range of different cultures. Plus, South Africa also hosts the International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival as well as Mr Gay South Africa competitions. If you want to move up north, then Canada is also very welcoming to the LGBTQI+ community. 

These are just a few of the places that you can move to that are welcoming to diversity and inclusion when it comes to lifestyle. However, it would be best to use this as a jumping-off point and to do more research on where you would like to live. While a country may be welcoming it may also empty your wallet quickly. Best to know and be in the know.

Get Moving with the Help of Your Ally: Shyft

Two hands forming a heart with rainbow colored bracelets

When you find an LGBTQI+-friendly city or country that is calling your name, it would be best to get your move on as soon as possible. If you want to move, that is. Well, you are reading this article so it is suspected to be a given. Getting back to the point: organize your move as soon as you figure out where you want to move to. 

There are a few ways you can do this but the one that we want to direct you to is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform and your ally: Shyft. Shyft will organize your whole moving process for you. Plus, we will also save you time and not decrease the weight of your wallet barely at all. 

Check out our site to get to know us better. As well as to see what else we offer. You can also get in touch while you are there. Fill out the short form, let us know when you want your new Move Coach to call you, download our mobile app called Shyft Next (which is free) and we will do the rest. 

Likewise, you can download our app and organize your meeting with your new Move Coach through it.

This first meeting is a video call that is down through Shyft Next. The call will only happen when you want it to, not before or after. As you can figure this will already save you a lot of time since you do not have to wait around. During this call your Move Coach will lead you through the process of working with us. You can also ask moving-related questions or ask about the other services that Shyft offers such as corporate relocation if you are looking to relocate your employees

When the introductions, and questions are done there is more. It is also during this video chat that the Move Coach will create your inventory list. 

95% (+5%) Inventory List

A couple sitting together and looking at the same open laptop for moving quotes to move in together

The list is made by them not stepping foot in your current home. It is created right there and then through the app. You just have to give a virtual tour of your home and show the inside of a drawer. When the call is done, your inventory list will be sent to you within half an hour. The list is 95% accurate which is a lot to start with. You can make it even more accurate using our app to make it convenient. 

You can do this by adding items to the list, removing others, and leaving notes. When all is said and done on the list send it to your Move Coach. The inventory list is what will be used to source moving quotes from vetted, Shyft-verified and trusted moving companies from our secure network.  

There will be multiple moving quotes sent your way as well as information about the movers. Each quote comes from a different mover and all the quotes are fixed. Meaning what you see is what you pay even if your inventory list were to change. There are no hidden costs. Through the Shyft Next app, you can contrast and compare who has what to offer as well as their prices. When you pick the right one for you, let your Move Coach know, so we can lock down the moving company forthwith.

 A person with a fist in the air at the Pride March

While we are in the process of organizing your move, you are more than welcome to check out Shyft’s online marketplace: Home & Lifestyle. You can see a bunch of items from office supplies, furniture, and mattresses, and you can also check out what services there are on offer. All the items and services in the online store come with a discount. Furthermore, products that are ordered through us are delivered directly to your new home in your new LGBTQI+ city.   

If you have any questions or want to see how the progress of the organization behind your move is going, you can reach out to us seven days a week. We are on call to you to keep the moving process as smooth as possible. Also, to help save you money, save your time, and help keep you calm during this moving experience.  

Get in touch with us today and let the warm embrace of your new home greet you soon with our help getting you there. 

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