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Storage Services, Yes or No? That is the Question

Friday, September 2, 2022
Two people walking and talking inside a storage facility while searching for their storage unit

Storage as a service can be a great way to aid you in your moving process. As you know you do not have to keep all your belongings in your new home. Therefore, you can opt to use long-term storage or even short-term storage options. But, should you? Well, we are going to take a look at the benefits of using storage services as well as what to look for when checking out your future extra space storage unit.

Why You Would Need Storage Services

 A woman with long black hair, wearing sunglasses, standing in front of a light blue closed door of a storage unit

Many reasons can come to mind when it comes to wanting to use storage services with one of them being to reduce clutter. Certainly so if you plan to move into a smaller place or are just tired of cleaning all the little items around you. Extra clutter does not have to be thrown out or donated if you are going to use the items again such as winter clothing, you could use a storage unit for it. You would only need it for about half the year so why not swap out your clothes with the change of the seasons.  

Furthermore, you can also store bicycles or outdoor items such as camping gear, or sports equipment in your storage unit. However, it would be best that you have access to the storage facilities so that you can get to the items without any issues. Plus, you can also store excess furniture that you are not yet ready to let go of.  

Or that you are planning to move into a bigger space where the excess can be of more use. And, there is also car storage if you are living in a place with great public transportation or have an extra car that you want to be taken care of.

Decrease Moving Stress With Storage Units

Two people holding up and moving around cardboard moving boxes to put into a storage unit

Public storage units can also be used if your new home is not yet ready to house all your items. When you are staying in a temporary home your items will have one in storage as well. So that when your new forever home is ready you can just move yourself and your stuff into it.  

And, a storage unit can also be useful to put stuff in while you are staging your current home for selling. You can hide the items that are not as attractive to potential homeowners while in the process of selling.

In the Process of Redoing

A woman painting the bottom of a wall while sitting on the floor, while a man is standing on a stool to paint the top part of a wall

Another great aspect of using a storage unit is that you will have more space. This can be in your current home or the new one when it comes to remodeling parts of the house. All the items that you will need can be stored in a storage unit while a room is getting an upgrade.  

For example, the kitchen. When the counter, island, and shelves are getting put into place you can store your electronics such as the stove, fridge etc. in a unit. When the space is ready, you just have to move the items from storage to home to complete the kitchen.  

There are endless reasons to use a storage unit with the main draw to make your moving life, or living life easier as well as more spacious. But…

Long Distance Moves with Move Assistance

What to Look for in a Storage Unit?

A man in a striped suit standing while holding a magnifying glass in front of his face to make his blue framed sunglasses look much bigger

Well, space for one thing. Storage units come in different sizes. You would want one that can house all the items that you plan to put into it. Furthermore, as we alluded to, you would want access to the storage unit whenever you like if you are storing your gym or outdoor items in it etc. And, you should also look out for security, as well as maintenance of the storage unit as a whole. These are only some of the aspects to look into. There are a few more, such as:

Costs of Storage Services

A mid-shot of a woman stroking her chin while looking up to the ceiling, deep in thought about storage services

How much will it be to rent a unit for storage? This is a question that often sits on people’s minds as they consider other factors that can contribute to the storage pricing such as the size of the storage unit. A word of advice would be that you should measure the items (such as furniture) you wish to store to figure out the potential dimensions you should look for. Furthermore, you should also consider the size of the boxes where your smaller items (clothes etc.) will go into.  

Another consideration that is in line with the cost is how long you will need the storage space? There are two types, long-term and short-term storage. Therefore, you would want to figure out how long you will use the storage unit before your new home is ready for all your items to move into.  

When it comes to speaking to storage facilities you should make it clear how long you will use the unit, as well as what the rent will be. As well as to ask how much in advance you would have to inform them when you are going to move out all your items. As in when you no longer require the storage services.

And, you should also research or ask if you can ensure your belongings. What are the conditions for insurance? This can be more to give you peace of mind as well as to make sure all your items are safe no matter what happens within the insurance policy.

Security and Access of Storage Facilities

A security man with his back towards the camera wearing a yellow security jacket while standing in the middle of a street in the early evening

You would want your items to be safe while you are not looking after them. That is one of the main points of renting a storage unit. Therefore, you should ask about the security of the unit in terms of CCTV cameras, as well as the security personnel on-site. You can also go into detail about the storage services protocol if there was ever a breach of security in the past. What did they do at the time? And, what methods did they implement to stop a breach from happening again?  

Plus, is there fire protection or other natural disastrous protection? It is best to quiz the storage unit owners in detail about all aspects that involve safety.  

Outside of the safety of your items, you would also want access to them when you need them. You can ask the storage company if they offer you all day and night access to your items or if there is a limit due to safety. You can also find out if you are the only one with access to your unit or if an authorized company personnel member also has access. The latter can be welcomed if you need help with your items or to increase the safety of it.   

While we are on this topic even if you are the only one with access to your storage unit you would also want the contact details of a person within the facility. This is so that you can get in touch with someone when you have a concern or if you need access to your unit. And, you would also like to be made clear on the method of communication. Such as text, email, phone calls etc. to speak to the person in charge.

Is the Storage Facility Clean?

A silhouette of a man mopping the floor of a storage facility

When we are talking about the hygiene of the space we are talking about two parts. The interior of the storage unit and what is surrounding it. The former is on you to maintain, as well as keep clean. This would make sense since it is your unit and your stuff in it.  

However, the surrounding is on the shoulders of the facility that you are renting from. When you are choosing the unit make sure to keep in mind not only the inside of the space but also the exterior. You can also ask them how they keep the space clean, as well as how often. 

Furthermore, when it comes to looking at the storage unit you would have to treat it like a house. As in check for water damage or leakage, mold, vermin, and even patches of dirt. If you find any you should question the facility on what they will do about it as well as their policy regarding such matters. The facility can be viewed as a landlord where they have to fix issues before they spread or get worse. While you have to make sure your space is clean.

Get Moving Via Shyft

A man sitting down with a global on his knee as he looks at it intensely wondering where to move to

While you are thinking about whether you should use storage services or not, you should also consider if you would like the world's first tech-driven moving platform to help you move? We are talking about Shyft. Shyft is an organizer of moves to aid people to get to their new homes. We are easy to talk to, and we do all the planning from start to finish. All you have to do is get in touch with Shyft Moving. Once we have your moving details as well as when you are ready for your Move Coach to give you a video call, they will do so on ShyftNext (which you have to download for free). 

It is during this very first call that you will get to meet the person who will aid you with all your moving commitments. Furthermore, this app also helps your Move Coach create an inventory list that is 95% accurate. When the call is over, this list is sent to you within half an hour. This is so that you can look it over, add items, remove items, and even make notes on items. When you are happy with your list, you can send it back to us.  

We will take the details of your inventory list, as well as your move to present to experienced, and verified moving companies. These companies gather at our secure bidding platform to bid on moving gigs. It is here that we collect moving quotes (three or more) from different moving companies. These moving quotes, as well as details about the movers, are sent to you. Shifts aim to help you make informed decisions by providing all the information that you need. What is more, is that all the quotes presented to you are fixed.

A smiling woman standing in front of a light blue brick wall outside of a storage facility

People that have used our services in the past were able to save up to $600 on their move. And, we are on call whenever you have a question or need moving advice. We are available 24/7 including nights, as well as over the weekends.  

Furthermore, we also have our Home and Lifestyle Marketplace where you can save more money. This is because every item on our marketplace comes with a discount. And, there are services too. Plus, we have a partnership with the “Airbnb for storage accommodation” called Neighbor. Therefore, check here for some storage facility in your new neighborhood while using a discount.   

Let Shyft help you move and Neighbor help you find safe storage facilities while being close to your new home.