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10 Best Moving Apps You Should Consider Using

Thursday, March 31, 2022
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The upside of moving or relocation is the adventure that awaits you. The downside is everything that goes into it before you get to your new home. However, several apps can help make your transition from one place to another run smoother and easier. We will talk about 10 of the best moving apps. You should always have a pick on which moving option you want to use. 

But First, Helping With Corporate Relocation

Many apps can do many wonderful things. But, when it comes to corporate relocation this can also be a challenge for companies to get their employees from one work location to another. And there are not that many apps that can make this process that much easier or safer. These types of moves can be domestic relocation, or moving out of state, or even international relocation. Organizing can be tough certainly when it comes to relocation costs. However, there is a big moving solution that can help your company make sure that your employee’s relocation allowance is secure. As well as also being an instant payment to them.  

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The moving solution we are talking about is the virtual card called Shyft Card. This is a virtual card that not only lets your company send relocation allowance to employees instantly, but you can also keep track of the costs. And it is secure, safe, and easy-to-use. It is a cash management software that you can check out with the Shyft Card app. It will save you and your employees a lot of time and money without adding any more confusion. 

Shyft Next

The first app that we can talk about is the Shyft Next app. It is an easy-to-use one that is available for both Android and Apple users. The whole goal of this app is to make moving estimates for you in record time. How it works is that you can video chat with a Move Assistant that works for Shyft. During this chat, you do a video inventory. This is so that the Moving Coach can see what you want to move and make an inventory list. This list will be sent to you in half an hour for you to check. And, the video call is at a time that suits you.  

This call and inventory management list is done so that Shyft can find and send you three quotes from three different, but all experienced, moving companies. You can choose which one you want to go with if you decide to go hire Shyft. All the quotes are guaranteed with no hidden costs.  

Furthermore, Shyft, the ones behind the Shyft Next app, can give 24/7 customer service support, and your Move Assistant will be there for you every step of the way of your moving process. Plus, they can help you find everything that you need from food deliveries, yoga studios, dog-walkers, new furniture, etc. all due to their Home and Lifestyle section, which you can check out. 

Try Shyft Card App 
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If you have already moved, or even if you have not, and are looking for someone to do tasks around the home, then look no further than TaskRabbit. It is an online service app that lets you connect to skilled, reliable “Taskers” from your local community to get work done in and around your house. These are people who are skilled at assembling furniture, doing home cleaning, running errands, and even minor repairs.  

How it works is that you choose the task you want or need to be done, and the app so you can view who is available, their rate, as well as their reviews. The app is free, but booking a “tasker” will charge your card.

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There are many aspects when it comes to moving, and the biggest one is packing. However, there can be items that you do not want to or need to take with you to your new home. Be it that the items are too old, too big, too small, etc. Whatever your reasoning there are items that you would like to get rid of. Why not sell them for some extra cash? One of the easier ways to do so is with OfferUp. This is an app that connects you to the USA’s biggest mobile marketplaces where you can sell your items locally. As well as even buying new ones.  

How it works is that you take a picture of what you are selling, and post it on the app. Then describe it as well as you can, and set your price. Then if people are interested, they will send you a message where they can accept your offer, or make a new one. Listing your item is for free but you can boost it to attract more buyers to see it. The app also suggests that you go for buyers that have a checkmark on their profile since this indicates that they went through the verification process.  

OfferUp is a go-to app to sell your stuff, helping you to get ready to move with more cash on your card. 

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Outside of selling items that you do not want to transit, there is the whole deal with making an inventory list. With Sortly you can do this whole time-consuming deal in less time. What you do is that you download the app on your Android or iPhone and take photos of all the items that you are moving with. This lets you make a visual inventory list where you can further organize them into groups by room, location, box, or even value or condition. Furthermore, you can easily search your list, keep track of where things are.  

And, this app also provides you with an eight-week moving checklist. A very useful list to keep you on track with your moving process. The app is free to download and use on iPhones, and Android devices. However, if you want to create QR code labels for your boxes so that you can scan them and make your moving life that much easier, then you would have to upgrade to the paid version. 


Outside of organizing your inventory list, what you want to keep and sell, you also have to find a moving company to get you to your new home. With Thumbtack, you can connect to local moving companies. Furthermore, you can also use the app to find cleaning services as well as contractors in your area be it the current one or the new one. You can download it for free, and it also gives you free cost estimates. And, this app is used in all the states. 


Size matters when you are moving to your new home, as does planning. This can include which room goes to who as well as what goes into what room and how. If you could do this before your move, it would make the process a lot easier, as well as faster. And you can by downloading and using magicplan. This is an app that turns your future floor plan into a virtual copy on your phone. 

What you do is that you scan the rooms of your new home and the app will create 2D or 3D models of the place. And then you can plan which item goes into what room as well as see if they fit. There are over 1 000 items that you can add to your virtual floor plan already in the app. When you are done you can even print it out. 

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A side to moving that is often overlooked is self-storage while you are moving. This is so that you can store those items that you want to take to your new home but may not have the means to do so straight away. Or it could be that you want to upgrade your new home, in due time, and want to store items for then. Or you could be moving for relocation purposes and your contract only lasts a year, but you do not want to take everything with you since you know you will be coming back. Whatever your reasoning, finding a storage unit can be really useful.  

And, all you need to find such a unit is by using the Sparefoot app. This app is where you can find and compare storage units. As well as to reserve the one that you want to use. Furthermore, the app is easy to use while saving you time. 


Moving to a new place means meeting new people. This can be a challenge to do, but there is an app for that. NextDoor is an app where you can sign up in your future new neighborhood where you can meet your new neighbors and even new friends. It is also an app where you can find a local babysitter, as well as hear about events taking place in your neighborhood. Furthermore, you can also ask for advice and suggestions when it comes to healthcare, services, or even where to eat. So get NextDoor before you head next door.

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Mortgage Calculator Pro

One of the most stressful things about the whole moving process is money. In particular, mortgages. They are often a challenge to keep track of but luckily there is the Mortgage Calculator Pro app that helps you figure out your monthly mortgage payments for your new homes, before you make the move, or by the house. It lets you take into account property tax, fees, as well as insurance.  

The app includes a fixed-rate, and adjustable-rate calculator as well as a home affordability calculator. Plus, graphs and charts to help visualize. There is also an amortization table as well as a monthly vs. bi-weekly payment comparison. Furthermore, you can compare the cost of renting your new home to buying it. And, you can use the app to calculate PMI payment and payoff date as well as calculations with extra payments. Plus, this app also gives you a glossary of mortgage terms so that you can know what a PMI payment is. (It is Private Mortgage Insurance, btw).  


Let's say that you have made the move to your new home, and you have put your fresh new key into your new keyhole of the front door. You turn the key and enter into a lovely space and take in a deep breath of your new home smell. And, then your stomach makes noise out of hunger. And, you have no food.  

To avoid this situation, as well as to stay healthy and not let your first meal be a takeaway, you can use Instacart. It is an app that delivers groceries to your new home within the hour after you order them. Furthermore, you can also use the app to pre-order fresh groceries so that on the day you arrive at your new home, your food will be there.

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Our Suggestions

While the above apps are outstandingly wonderful and having all of them could certainly make your moving process a ton easier; we would suggest that you pick a few so as not to take up so much storage on your phone. Here are our suggestions of the top moving apps you should use and get. Shyft Next would be the best one. Here you can do an inventory list, get a moving company through Shyft and have someone to speak to for advice. Plus, there is the Home and Lifestyle section where you can also buy items. As well as find services and even get discounts on them. It can do a lot of what the other apps can do all in one app. 

Then go for Instacart so that you can get fresh food. NextDoor to meet people as well as get magicplan to plan your new home out before you get there. Plus, the latter just sounds like a lot of fun to use. These are only our suggestions but do make your own list to choose the apps that best suit you. We hope this article has opened up your searching eyes to the world of online moving apps. The ones to make your life easier, as well as more organized. Good luck with the moving and apps.

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