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The Best States for Jobs: Change Your Scenery and Find a New Job

Monday, March 27, 2023
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What are the best states for jobs in the US? This is a question that is often thought about, and sometimes it is even asked. So what is the answer? And, will the states or cities suit your needs as a job hunter? Or your family? Well, we may not be able to give an exact answer to the latter question, but we can give you ideas for the former.

What are the Best and Worst States to Work in America

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As you know, every state in the USA is much like a different country. So much so, that there are different laws that you would have to look out for, as well as the vibe and a whole new way of life. Therefore, you would want to do research on what types of job opportunities there are per state. Furthermore, you would also need to look into the cost of living, housing, utilities, etc.

One way to narrow down your choice when it comes to figuring out your next or new work home would be to look at the best states for starting a business. This is because the best states for businesses can often be linked to job opportunities. Or if you would like to start up a company. Either way, here are some points to consider when work-state hunting.

The overall best state to start a business is Indiana. This is a high one on the list because of its low tax rates. As well as having a doable cost of living. Furthermore, Indiana also has a prime and growing workforce. So, even if you do not wish to start a business of your own you can work for the start-up that is popping into Indiana. More businesses can lead to more job chances.

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On the other end, the worst state to start a business would be New York. The reason for this is that the cost of living is high, as well as the good apartment for people to move to and live in. This state also has a high unemployment rate, with a low survival rate for businesses. The latter is said to be at 79%. However, if you can make it in New York (not necessarily as a business owner) then you can make it anywhere. Plus, New York is home to New York City which is enough said.

As well as the home of Syracuse which has a grade-A rating when it comes to young adults moving to this city for work. So there is a chance for employees, but not too much for business owners, which can seem to contradict our theory but there is always an exception.

Best States for Remote Work in the USA

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Remote work is also something to consider when picking your new work home. There are a few best states for remote work and even more of the best cities for remote work at your fingertips. While there are some people who want to return back to the office, about 48% of employees have opted to work from home. A new report, SmartAsset, crowned Texas’s Austin as being the best city for remote work

This report ranked 100 of the US’s largest cities by looking at the percentage of the workforce in every city. As well as taking into consideration the average monthly housing costs, amount of coffee shops and bars (offices for the home office), the income tax rate and the unemployment rate. The top 10 cities that made the cut are Austin, Texas (obviously) as well as:

  • Arizona’s Scottsdale, and Chandler (in third place)
  • Pennsylvania’s Pittsburgh
  • North Carolina’s Durham, and Charlotte
  • Fremont in California
  • Tennessee’s Nashville
  • Arizona’s Gilbert, and Mesa (in tenth place)

A bit of information from the study indicates that Austin remote workers were 38.8% in 2021 making it the sixth-highest percentage from the study. This is a high increase from 30.6% the years before. Furthermore, the number of bars and coffee shops (1 in every 100 establishments) also perform highly when it comes to the income tax rate matric since Texas is known for having no state income tax.

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Scottsdale came in second place due to its relatively low state-income taxes. This means that people who earn $75, 000 will only have to pay federal and state taxes less than 23%. Plus, Scottsdale also has the 10th highest bar density, as well as having a low cost for housing.

Another thing to mention is that Pittsburgh made the list due to the fact that its average monthly cost for housing is lower than $1000. The cost of housing influences remote workers since they have to, usually, find homes that can host an office/ an extra room for an office space. More rooms in a house or apartment can increase the price of a home, so if it starts lower it is better for remote workers. And, other people in general.

Either way, if you are a remote worker looking for a new place to work, then you have a lot of options. It will depend on the cost of living, housing costs, taxes, etc. But, the above list can be a good starting point or maybe your dream remote work home is on that list already. Take a drive and feel the vibe of the city while visiting it.

Best Cities for Job Opportunities in US

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Maybe you are not a remote worker, or wanting to start your own business. Well, there are a lot of the best cities for jobs that you can look into. The tops are the states of Texas and Florida, as well as the stand-out cities are Austin, North Port, and Jacksonville. It is because these cities have a strong growth rate in the job market. As well as having low unemployment influencing their rankings.  

Furthermore, Florida’s Orlando has the highest job growth with it being 9.2% in the number of jobs from 2021 to 2022. This is mainly due to a return of the hospitality and leisure industry. And, while we are in Florida, North Port wage grew by 16.8% making it the highest wage increase of any other city.

Best Cities to Move to For Work - How to Decide

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Moving for job hunting is not a decision to be taken lightly. While we have made a few suggestions trying to cater for all types of employees at the end of the day the choice is yours. Some people may opt to move for love and work, others to be closer to family to get help, and help them out.

However, when it comes to moving to a new work office you would have to consider taxes, cost of living, housing costs, and wages. As well as your social life since everything is a balancing act.

Moving to the Best States to Live in for Jobs with Shyft

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When you are ready to make the next or first step in your career, why not save some money and time by moving to your work home with Shyft? We are the world’s first tech-driven moving platform that organizes the moving experience for people. But, with less the stress and more the savings. Getting in contact to start the Shyft moving process is as easy as visiting a website, Shyft Moving in particular.

While you are reading up on what we offer, and checking out our reviews, you can also fill out the short form so that your Move Coach (a Shyft representative) can give you a call to get your moving experience process started. This call is a video chat that is done through the secure, free and easy-to-use mobile app called Shyft Next. For Android or iOS. The call will only occur at the time that you say and not a moment sooner or later.

During this initial call, you can get to know Shyft in more detail as well as provide a virtual tour of your current location. The latter is done so that your Move Coach can create your inventory list for you. This is so you can say time having someone else make your list. And, this initial list is 95% accurate. 

When the call is done, the list will be sent to you. You can remove items if you changed your mind, add some that may have been missed, or just make notes. You can turn the 95% accurate inventory list into a 100% one. Then you send it to your Move Coach and they will present this list, along with only your moving information to Shyft’s safe moving board.

More on The Moving Board

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The moving board is where experienced, and Shyft-approved moving companies gather to bid on moving projects. This can include your move to your new work home. Furthermore, the information presented to the bidders excludes your personal information making it as safe as possible. After the bidding is done, Shyft will collect three or more moving quotes.

As well as information about the moving company. Each quote comes from a different company meaning that you will have a variety to choose from. And, yes you decide which organization is the best for you to work with. Plus, every single moving quote is guaranteed. There are no hidden costs plus if you change your inventory list then the cost is not affected at all. What you see is what you pay.

During the entire moving process, you can contact Shyft 7 days a week if you want to check up or to ask some questions. Shyft can also give you packing advice, or tips and tricks to aid your moving process. Certainly, if it is your first one. Or even if it is not, Shyft wants to help you in all the ways that we can.

One more thing that we would like to mention is that if you are looking to buy items such as office supplies, home furniture, and mattresses, or to hire services such as mortgages, storage, and a lot more then pop on by to our secure online marketplace known as Home & Lifestyle. Every item and service on the marketplace comes with a discount. What is more, is that all your new physical items will be delivered directly to your new home. Check out Home & Lifestyle to see what is on offer. Also, if you are a business looking to move your company, Shyft can help with that.

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