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Tips for Moving Out of State for the First Time

Tuesday, April 25, 2023
A woman packing for a move, sitting in a cardboard box, while looking at the camera

Are you planning on moving from one state to another? Is it your first time? Well, you have gathered at the right place. Here we will discuss tricks and tips for moving out of state. As well as give you a moving out-of-state checklist. Your first time will not be that intimidating after you read this article, so let’s get to it.

Try to Move Off Season

A couple standing in front of a door of their new house, with moving  boxes next to them ready to be put inside

One of the best tips anyone can give you when it comes to moving out of state is to plan and plan well. Planning can help reduce stress, and it can even save you some money. Planning your budget is also worthwhile since it is here where you can see areas that you can save.  

When it comes to calculating your budget two of the most important factors are when and what. The “when” is the day and season you want to move. If you can it would be strongly advised to move when it is off-season. This is in the colder months avoiding summer. Summer is the peak moving season since a lot of people move during this time due to the school holidays and time off work. 

If you can get your moving date around peak season and not during it, you can end up saving quite a lot. This is because moving companies are not as much in demand outside of summer. Therefore, they would lower their prices to get a gig and you would have more options (for movers) to choose from since there is a high chance that they would be free.

Also, it is better to move during the work week than over the weekend. While it would be amazing to pick your moving day, you may not have this option due to your work/family/etc. restrictions. This leads us to the other way you can save money is by reducing the “what”.

Reduce Items to Reduce Moving Cost

A smiling mover giving a thumbs up while moving the cardboard boxes into a customer's new home

The “what” in this case refers to the number of items you want to/ need to transport from one home to another. Therefore, one of the first things you would want to do is to take a look around your current home. You would have to decide on what you will take with you, what you can replace, what to donate or gift, and what to sell.  

You would also have to take into account where you are moving to. If you are moving from a big space to a smaller one, then you would not need to take everything with you certainly if it is large pieces of furniture that will not fit into your new home. Therefore, before you start to declutter you should take a trip to your new home and try to see what it looks and feels like.  

When you have a sense of the space you can start to decide what items to get rid of. You can host a yard sale to reduce your items while also putting some money in your pocket. Likewise, you can host items through online shopping or social media. You can also give away certain items to family and friends or charity/ donation. 

Plus, reducing the “what” can reduce the cost of moving since moving companies calculate due to weight. Therefore, the less you have, the less it weighs, and the less it will cost. Also, if your items are on their last legs it would be best to get new ones instead of transporting the old ones. 

Research Moving Companies

A woman sitting on the floor on a carpet doing research on the local movers on her laptop

Certain moving companies can offer certain services. And, not every moving company does out of state moving projects. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you research the state-to-state moving companies and see what they can offer you.This can be in terms of packing services, to how much they may charge you for the entire move.  

Not only do you have to find moving companies that are capable of doing out of state moves, but you would also have to make sure that they are verified and legal companies, not scams. There are many ways that you can see if a company is a scam and it would be best to keep your eyes open for the signs. A brief breakdown: does the moving company have their own trucks? Are they registered? Are their licenses valid? Does their address lead to a working area or a residential one? (the latter is an indication of a scam). Read up on moving scams to make sure you do not fall into one.    

Another aspect of researching is creating a budget. You would not only have to factor in hiring a moving company but even packing material if you want to pack up your belongings. Furthermore, many moving companies also have hidden costs to cover unexpected fees that may pop up. This should also be part of your research, and budget. While we are on the subject of budgets…

Cost of Moving Out of State

Moving companies that move out of state usually work out their cost according to the weight of your items, the cost of their services, and equipment, the day of the move and the distance. A rule of thumb is that you should collect three moving quotes from three different moving companies to compare their prices. Here is what you can expect to pay when you travel 250 miles to a certain size home (but remember that it depends on the company, items, distances, and the day of the move): 

  • Traveling 250 miles into a one-bedroom home: $1 012 to $3 213
  • Traveling 250 miles into a two-bedroom home: $2 090 to $5 729
  • Traveling 250 miles into a three or more-bedroom home: $3 025 to $11 543 

However, speak to the moving out-of-state companies so that you can get an estimate from them. As well as ask about the hidden costs that may pop up during the process. 

Cancel Utilities 

A couple wrapping items in bubble wrap to packing into cardboard boxes, getting ready for local move

When you have your moving date booked, your mover and items organized there is still a lot more to do. One of the most overlooked things is not only canceling utilities but also memberships. If you have a monthly gym membership or any sort of membership fee you should cancel it a month before your moving date. Likewise, you can see if it would be possible to transfer your membership.  

When it comes to utilities you should let them know that you are moving to a different state and set up an installation date. This is so that you can transfer your utilities such as electricity, water, gas, internet, cable, etc. so that you can enter your new home with all these hooked up and working.  

But, you can also do some research to find new utility services in your new area since they may give you discounts or/ and be better quality than what you are using currently. 


When moving, you would want to make sure that all your paperwork is in order. This includes your work documents, children’s school reports, driver’s licenses etc. When you move to a new state you would have to update your drivers to reflect the new address. You should do this as soon as possible in your new state. 

Planning Packing 

A person packing clothes into cardboard boxes for movers to move

You have to decide if you want to pack up your current home by yourself or have a moving company handle it for you. The latter would be wiser since they will have the correct packing materials needed for certain items. Furthermore, they also know how to pack correctly, decreasing the chances of breakage.  

Regardless of which option you chose you would have to plan out your packing method. This means when to pack what. A rule of thumb is that you pack the items you do not use regularly and that you pack up children’s or/ and pets’ items/ rooms last.  

Also, make sure that you finish off the food in your current home to not waste it. Likewise, you can donate what is left behind to charities. However, it is important that you start packing and organizing as soon as possible since the moving date does tend to sneak up on people.  

Our Moving Checklist 

Two small kids helping their mother pack moving boxes happy to participate in the moving process

Here is a short rundown on what you should keep in mind (in no particular order) when handling your first out-of-state moving process: 

  • Pick a moving date
  • Reduce the number of items through gifting, donating, or selling
  • Research and find your moving company to work with (make sure they are not scams)
  • Disconnect your utilities and cancel your membership (a month before the move)
  • Start packing, and decide what to pack when (leave kids’ room, and pets toys for last)
  • Organize your important documents
  • Research and make a budget  

Or you can take the easy way by getting an organization to organize your out-of-state move for you. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge…

Out of State Moving with Shyft

A couple rolling up a carpet and taping it for the move

Getting your “out of state” move on can be easier said than done. Depending on who you decide to work with. We would like to introduce you to the world’s first tech-driven moving platform company that will organize your entire state-to-state move for you: Shyft. Shyft allows your first out-of-state move to be less time-consuming, less stressful, and even save you money. Get off on the right foot in your new home with Shyft. How we work is that you check out our easy-to-use Shyft Moving for more information and even other people’s reviews. It is here that you can fill out the short form and get the Shyft moving process started.

You will be contacted by a real-life Move Coach who will video chat with you through our secure mobile app called Shyft Next. You would have to get it on your mobile. However, it is easy to use, as well as free. It is through this video call that you get to chat with your Move Coach. And, it is also through this app that your Move Coach will make your inventory list without having to step foot into your current home. What is more, is that this video call only happens when you say it does. Not after your desired time, and not even before it.

After the Video Chat with Move Coach

When this call is done, and they have created your inventory list, you can expect this list within half an hour from the end of the call. It will be 95% accurate and you can make it 100% so. You can remove, or add items as well as make notes. When you are happy with the list, you send it to your Move Coach. They will take this 100% inventory list to Shyft’s secure bidding platform along with your moving details only.  

It is here that qualified, experienced and Shyft-vetted out-of-state moving companies gather to bid on moving projects, which can include yours. When the bidding is done, we will collect three or more moving out-of-state quotes where each one from a different moving company. Furthermore, we will also collect all their information about the individual companies and send them to you with their moving quotes. You decide which company is your best option. When you tell us your choice, we lock in that particular company straight away.  

And, all the quotes are fixed. Therefore, what you see is what you will pay, with no hidden costs, even if your inventory list changes. The price will be the same.  Plus, whenever you have a question you can contact Shyft seven days a week and get the information you desire.  

What is more, is that you can also run through our secure marketplace called Home & Lifestyle. Here is where you can find many different types of services from dog walking, mortgages, storage, etc. And, you can also buy new physical items such as mattresses, office supplies, etc. to be delivered to your new home. Not the current one you are in. This will save you money on the move.  

Also, every item and service in the marketplace comes with a discount, saving you even more money. Let your first out-of-state move be stress-free, time-saving, and money-saving by using Shyft. We will organize your whole state-to-state move for you so you can enjoy the ride and start on the right foot in your new home. Contact us today to learn more.

Move Out of State With Shyft