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Tips for Moving to Toronto, Canada

Monday, August 14, 2023
Toronto by night with lights turned on, on skyscrapers

The neighbor up North, Canada, is a very inviting place for Americans looking to have a bit more multicultural and vibrant life. Toronto is where it’s at and this article will tell you why you should or shouldn't move to Toronto. So, check this out to find out why Americans are moving to Canada.

Is It Worth Moving to Toronto

Niagara falls in Canada, one of the world wonders

While Canada is up North from the USA, it is still a whole new country with different cultures, ways of life, and cost of living just to name a few. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are pros and cons of moving to Toronto, Canada. Here is all you need to know before moving to Toronto, the good and the not-so-good.

Pros of Moving to Toronto

Basketball game with the Raptors in Toronto, Canada

One of the major reasons why a lot of people are moving to Toronto from the US is due to the economic opportunity that Toronto offers. It is one of Canada's powerhouses due to the idea that it offers opportunities in a range of fields from tech, cultures, arts, and media. Plus, the city is also known for being stable when it comes to its economy.

Not only is there a lot to do when it comes to work (potentially), but there is also a lot to do outside of the office. Toronto offers amazing nightlife as well as a mixture of culture and arts. From museums, art galleries, fashion shows, and more. When you live in Toronto you can check out the Casa Loma, Canada's Wonderland, Ripley's Aquarium, the Ontario Science Centre, and more. Also, there is a wide collection of art exhibitions that take place all year round. And, this is just to name a few of what fun there is to have while living in Toronto. However, if you are aiming for the biggest events you can also spend time at:

  • Canadian National Exhibition
  • Pride Festival (which has developed into a month-long extravaganza)
  • Distillery District Christmas Market
  • And, the Royal Winter Fair

Plus, there is also the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) that happens every year and it is one of the biggest in the world. Not just Northern America. Films from all over come to take part from independent films to future blockbusters. Outside of the arts, there are also sports. Toronto is home to the Maple Leafs for hockey, Blue Jays for baseball, Raptors for basketball, and Argonauts for football. Not too much that there are plenty of sports matches at college as well as amateur levels. 

More Pros of Living in Toronto 

Friends around open fire in the forest by the river watching the starry sky and hanging out

Toronto is not only home to a bunch of sports teams, but it is also home to a wide diversity of cultures. The city is known for having a wide array of different cultures, races, and ways of life. So much so that about 47% of residents living in Toronto are minorities. You would be able to interact with a lot of people from different parts of the world or find your own group to belong to. What is more, is that Toronto has a low crime rate where the rate of crime has been decreasing for years. However, while the city is known for being safe, it is important that you are careful because you never know who is who and what is happening. This is a word of advice for everywhere.

On the bright side, Toronto has mild winters compared to other parts of Canada such as Victoria and Vancouver. There is still snow, but it is not as harsh as the rumor goes. And, Toronto is home to top-level education. It has over 1 400 educational establishments where the education sector employs 100 000 or more employees. These are merely some of the highlights of moving to Toronto, and certainly for Americans moving to Toronto.

Cons of Moving to Toronto

A Canadian deer eating on the road in the middle of the showy road between fir trees covered in snow

As the story of life goes, with pros there are cons of moving to Toronto. And here are some of the following, not to discourage you from moving to Toronto but to keep in mind when you are looking into moving. So here goes:

  • Houses are expensive
  • Long commute times, and traffic
  • Lack of natur
  • Very hot summers

Speak to A Professional and Do A Research

A man sitting in a coffee shop doing research for his move to Toronto

One of the best ways to understand Toronto and to see if you want to move to Toronto or not is by taking a trip there before you decide. This can help you get a few of what the city has to offer you. And, if it suits you in the long run. As well as doing some research on the internet about the city.

Also, you would need to familiarize yourself with the visas that the Canadian government has. There are different types depending on the purpose of your move. Such as work visas, study visas, family ones, etc. Therefore, speak to a professional who knows what is what. And, make an appointment at the embassy to start the visa process as soon as you have decided to make the move to Toronto.

Making Toronto Your New Home with Shyft’s Aid

A roe in Canadian forest picking into a trailer looking at food in the kitchen

Let's cut to the chase, moving can be a daunting task, and for first-time movers, it can be a stressful one. Regardless, if you are a first-time mover or someone who has moved more times than they have fingers and toes in their whole, big, extended, family, you would like help with moving. And, that is where Shyft, the world’s first tech-driven moving platform can make your move to Toronto so much easier. We organize, find, and by doing so reduce your stress levels. Plus, you can save money on your moving process by using us to help you.

Get in touch through our site with the easy-to-fill-out form. It is also on our site that you can check out what else we offer as well as how we do what we do. From filling out the form you would have to download the mobile app, Shyft Next. It is free and works on Apple devices as well as Android. Or you can skip contacting us through our site and just contact us through the Shyft Next app.

Clear waters, snowy mountains and green fir trees of Canada

Shyft Next is a secure app that we use to contact you through a video call. Your Move Coach will get in touch with you only at the time that you say. Not earlier and not later. Therefore, you can time your day around the appointment with your Move Coach. It is during this initial call that you can get a lot more information about what we do, get moving-related advice, and even get a few tips and tricks to help you with the moving process.

Plus, it is during this call that your Move Coach will create your inventory list where all you have to do is give them a virtual tour of your current home. The meeting as a whole average takes about half an hour to an hour depending on the size of your current home. Show the inside of a cupboard and drawer or two and let your Move Coach get to work.

Within half an hour from the end of this video call, you will get your inventory list sent to you. It will be through the Shyft Next app. The list will be 95% accurate. However, you have the chance to make it 100% accurate by adding items that were overlooked. Likewise, you can remove items that no longer work for your new home design. And, you can also add notes. Just in case you want the moving company to know something about the items. While we are on this subject...

95% Accurate Inventory List for Your State to State Move

A view of skyscrapers in Toronto by the water

When you have upgraded your inventory list to 100% and sent it to your Move Coach, they will get to work finding you a few moving quotes. This is done with your inventory list and only your moving details (bypassing the personal ones) will be presented to Shyft's secure moving board. This is where Shyft has a collection of moving companies that have their papers in order, have experience, and are Shyft-vetted. We gather three or more moving quotes as well as information about the companies. Each quote is from a different moving company.

Furthermore, all the quotes are fixed with no hidden costs. The price does not change even if your inventory list does. During this process, we will make sure to target international moving companies that know how to handle customs and all that stuff. When you have decided which moving company you want to work with, you let us know, and we lock them down for you.

And, whenever you have a question or a concern you can contact us seven days a week. Plus, if you have a business that you are looking to move to Toronto you can use our Shyft Card. The point of this is that you can send funds directly and safely to your employees making the move to Toronto on behalf of your business. You can keep tabs on how the funds are going and send the employees more if need be.

Check out our site to learn more about the Shyft Card. And, to learn more about how we handle personal relocation. Get in touch and let the journey to Toronto start now.

A woman in kayak enjoying the view of Canadian mountains while in the water

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