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Top 10 Best Cities to Start a Career in 2023

Monday, May 8, 2023
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When deciding which are the best cities to start a career in the US for you to move to, there are a lot of factors to consider. Not just the job market, job opportunities, or anything with ‘job’ in the phrase. But also lifestyle such as a social life, cost of living, how to grow your career in that city, the competition, etc. Here are our top 10 best cities to start a career in 2023 list.

Moving for Your Career

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Here are the best cities to start a career in the US that recent graduates aim to move to. The top three cities to launch a career in 2023 are: 

  • Missouri’s St. Louis
  • Minnesota’s Minneapolis
  • South Dakota’s Rapid City 

These are the top three cities that many people aim to move to. It is not just for the job opportunities but also the lower cost of living. The top three cities to start a career are found in the Midwest area away from the larger coastal cities. If you think about it, it makes sense. The coastal cities are largely known for being a touch more expensive when it comes to the cost of living. Plus, a lot of the cities on the coasts are more for vacation and tourism. Unless that is what your career is about, you may want to opt for a more Midwest vibe. However, some coastal cities do make the list due to their lower cost of living. 

The rest of the top 10 list of best cities to launch a career in the US are as followed and it is in no particular order:

  • Florida’s Tampa, Florida
  • Nebraska’s Lincoln
  • North Dakota’s Fargo
  • Oregon’s Portland
  • Indiana’s Fort Wayne
  • Pennsylvania’s Pittsburgh
  • Colorado’s Denver 

The best can often come…

Top 10 “Worst” Cities to Start a Career

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Well, this can be an over-exaggeration but it can make for a handy list of the worst and the best cities to launch a career in the US. Certainly, when it comes to researching where to start. Anyway, this list is as follows (also in no particular order):

  • Alaska’s Anchorage, Alaska
  • New York’s New York
  • Louisiana’s Shreveport
  • Michigan’s Detroit
  • California’s Santa Clarita
  • Also Long Beach in California
  • New Jersey’s Newark
  • Wyoming’s Casper
  • Florida’s Pembroke Pines

Why Should You Even Move to Start a Career in the US?

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While the above list can be handy, they are not a concrete rule of thumb. Therefore, you would have to research which would be the right city to start a career just for you. Someone's “worst” choice can be your best option depending on what you want to do. With that, you would want to decide if moving in the first place for your career is even the right direction for you. If you have a family, it can be a bit tougher. If not, it may be a bit easier. However, if you have already moved somewhere for college then maybe you can think about staying there?  

Many people often choose to move to another city for a fresh start, not just to start a career, and for a new sense of adventure. Every city has its own vibe, way of life, and city culture. You can meet new, different types of people, and have different experiences not just in your work but personal life too.

A woman enjoying a view of her new town as she sits on the balcony reading a book

Furthermore, moving to a new place will let you get out of your comfort zone. Getting out of this zone can help you to become a better overall person. You will meet challenges and difficulties but overcoming them is part of the job. And you will learn a lot about yourself, life, work, and more by stepping out of what makes you comfortable. Plus, it will also give you a chance to challenge yourself, learn to adapt. As well as to solve the problems by yourself or with the help of your colleagues. Struggle can make the career journey worthwhile, and worth more.  

Another reason to move to another city is the career opportunities that it can offer you. Think of it this way: if a lot of people are moving to those top 10 best cities to start a career, or simply for career growth, then there would be more opportunities since there are more people. Therefore, more work. It kind of makes sense. Well, certainly your chances of finding valuable employees are higher due to the influx of people looking for jobs.

Before You Move to One of the Best Cities to Launch Your Career

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If you decide to move to start a career in 2023 you would want to make sure all your paperwork is in order. This can also mean your resume. And, if you are looking for a job you would want to start applying for one now. If you are looking to start a business then you would have to familiarize yourself with the laws, and taxes, as well as find space for your offices/ a base to grow from.  

Regardless of what your career is, it is wise to research, research, and research the city you are looking into. You would want to get yourself as familiar as you can before you start the packing or planning process of the move. You can also take a trip down to the city to get a feel for it and check out the cost of living, homes, and office spaces. If you are lucky you may even end up at a networking function. The latter is wishful thinking.

Move for Your Career with Shyft

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A certain city can certainly help you launch a career with the right attitude, work ethic and more. And, moving to that city is as easy as one, two, Shyft. Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving platform which means that we are here to organize and aid you with your moving experience. Visit our site to learn more as well as to get in touch with Shyft today so that your moving progress can get started on the right track.  

If you are a business owner looking to relocate to another city, then we can help get you there. You can relocate your employees and even keep up-to-date with how they use the moving funds through the easy-to-follow and secure app. It is also here that you can transfer the funds directly to your employees.  

While you are on the subject of apps, and you are more in the market for personal relocation, we have our mobile app called Shyft Next. To get your personal move going you would have to fill out the short application form on our site. Or you can download the Shyft Next app and get in touch through it. You will get a Move Coach to give you a video call through the app. However, you schedule when you want the video call to take place. Your Move Coach will call then, not before and not after.  

It is during this first call that you can learn more about what we do. More importantly, you give a virtual tour of your current home. This is so that Move Coach can create your inventory list while on call and not have to step foot into your current location. This will save you a ton of time. When the call is done, you will receive your inventory list within half an hour on the secure app.  

This list is 95% accurate. It is with the app that you can make it 100% on point by reviewing the items. You can add some, remove some, as well as add a few notes here and there. When you are happy with your improved inventory list, you send it to your Move Coach. 

While Heading Towards Your Career City

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It is with this improved list as well as only your moving information, that we go to our secure moving board. This is where experienced, vetted, and Shyft approved, moving companies gather. It is here where they bid on moving projects and yours can join the list. When the bidding is over, Shyft collects three or more moving quotes. 

Each quote is from a different moving company. Furthermore, all the quotes work as “what you see is what you pay.” Therefore, the prices are guaranteed even if your inventory list were to change. Plus, there are no hidden costs.  

You will also get information about each of the moving companies so that you can contrast and compare through the app. When you decide which mover is the best for you, you let us know, and we lock them down right there and then.  

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We are here for you every step of the way. So much so that you can reach out to us seven days a week when you have a question or would like to check up on something. We are here to organize your move for you. So that the moving experience runs smoothly, your stress level is not too high, and you save money. 

On the latter, you can check out our Home & Lifestyle online marketplace. This is a secure tab where you can see a range of products from mattresses to office supplies and more. There are also services that could be of great use to you. All the products are delivered directly to your new home. And all the items (including the services offered) come with a discount.  

Let your career journey start the best way possible by moving to your new city with Shyft. Contact us today and get the progress going. Your career awaits, but not forever.

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