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Tourist Vs Resident- Why Move Instead of Just Visiting?

Monday, March 27, 2023
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Tourism is one of the biggest and most lucrative industries in the world. It is not a surprise since the very idea of visiting someplace that is different from your own is one that draws in a ton of people. So, why would you move to the place that you have visited? Why become a resident instead of a lifelong tourist? Well, this think piece will explore just that.

Tourists See, Residents Experience

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When you are a tourist in another area, be it a city, country, or even a village, your stay is limited. Not just because of the tourist visa generally being of short time compared to others, but the usual plan from the start was not to stay that long. While you get to see what the places have to offer as well as experience the culture, taste the food, and even try a new activity it is short-lived.

As a resident, you would become more of a part of the culture instead of just being a person passing by. You can experience everything the place has to offer on a more in-depth level. Your main goal would be to live there forever and not just to see and leave. While tourists can experience the same thing as a resident this is, for lack of a better word constructed, for tourists.  Tourists are more into the idea and the excitement of something new.

This can create a slight divide between them and the place since excitement can make it seem more dreamlike instead of reality. It will also be exotic to a tourist instead of the standard for a resident. For example, food. You could try a bunch of flavors that you have never experienced before. And, it will be exciting. But, you will not have enough time to become used to the food, nor to find your favorite meal. Residents fit in the mold of the place while tourists look at it.

Nothing Wrong with Visiting

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This is not to say that you should not be a tourist. Touring is what helps people experience new things, like places, ways of life, and culture. Visiting a new place is the best way to see if you love it, and can see yourself and your family living there. Or you are just enjoying the time away from work. A way you could tell if you love a place or are just a visitor is when the vacation is nearing its end.

Let’s say that your vacation is almost over and you feel forward to going home, this is a common feeling since home is where the heart is. The thing is that a heart can move to a new home. If you feel as if you want to stay, think about why that is. Is it because going back home means going back to work? Or is it because the place you are visiting is asking you to move in? This can be a slight difference in feelings. Anyway if you can see yourself living where you visited then maybe you should also think about…

Moving and Putting Down Roots

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Becoming a resident of a country, or city can open up a lot more doors for you when compared to being a visitor. The situations for one are completely different since you are most likely plan to work in the place where you want to live. Furthermore, becoming a resident can help you:

  • Buy property or own a home
  • Help other family members move to the country
  • Apply for insurance
  • Pay tax to the country that you live in (this can be beneficial if the tax rate is less)
  • Retirement
  • Banking
  • Job opportunities
  • And a lot more

Putting down roots means different things for different people, as you know. For a single person, it can mean starting a family or finding yourself. For people who already have a family, it could mean starting another chapter in their lives and even extending the one they already have. Becoming a resident can take away from the dreamlike-ness of being a short-term visitor and replace it with the reality of living in a place. This is not a negative thing since you can feel as if you belong to the area more when the dream-like glasses are taken off.

Even if you did not have a good experience while vacationing in a certain place. If you move to that place and you were not a fan before, you may become one with time. The gray of the visit will fall away to show the colors of the area that you missed due to not having a good vacation.

Move Now, Pay Later

The Sides Unknown to Visitors

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Another important aspect of being a resident is exploration. You can do the same as a tourist but it is different. For one thing, visitors’ tours are planned to show the “best” that the city has to offer. Not to show everything that it has going for it. Therefore, as a resident, you will have more chances to see what the tourists miss. This can be because you would meet and connect with other residents who have lived in the city longer, and know local places that you only hear through legend and not a pamphlet. Or you can meet newcomers and explore your local area to see what is up. You are your own tour guide.

Furthermore, becoming a resident makes living in the place feel more grounded, and real. That you are a part of the community even if you do not yet speak the language. It can feel more like home, with all the necessities and maintenance that come with it. There is a reason that a vacation is taken away from home. And, there are more reasons why a vacation destination turns into a long-term home.

Become a Resident by Moving with Shyft

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The idea of moving to a new place be it a city, country or even a continent can be easily achieved without stress. This may be a concept that is foreign to first-time relocators who have heard the tales of worry coming from people that have made a move. But, that is the olden days, and now there is Shyft to lead the way to your new home. All while leaving your stress behind.

Shyft is the world's first tech-driven moving platform. What this means is that we are an organization that organizes your whole moving process for you from the start to the end. And, every other step of the way. To get more information check out our easy-to-navigate website:  Shyft Moving. Furthermore, when you visit this site, there is an easy-to-fill-out form that greets you on the homepage. This is how you can quickly get in touch with us and get us into the groove of working with you.

The first thing we do is that we appoint one of our Move Coaches to take on your gig. This is the person that will contact you using the Shyft Next app which you can download on your iOS or Android at no cost. The app allows your Move Coach to give you a video call. Do not worry this call will be only done at the time that you say you are available. Therefore, you do not have to twiddle your thumbs while waiting for the phone to ring.

During and After the Call

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It is during this call, which is a video chat by the way, that you will meet and see the Move Coach assigned to your moving gig. It is here that you can ask all the questions you want, get all the information you need, and more. Plus, it is also through this app that your Move Coach will be able to create your 95% accurate inventory list. This is all done through the app meaning they will not have to step foot inside your current home. Therefore, you would not have to wait for them to start the inventory process since they do it right there and then. Depending on the size of your current home, this process takes about half an hour on average.

All you have to do is give your Move Coach a virtual tour of your entire home. Also, point out the draw and cupboard. They will take it from there. As we have mentioned this initial list is only 95% accurate. Not to worry since this list will be sent to you within half an hour from the end of the first video call when it was created. Therefore, you can make the list 100% accurate by adding items, removing items, changing items, making notes, etc. When you are happy with the 100% list you just upgraded, send it to the Move Coach.

What Shyft Does Next

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With this list, and your moving details only (not personal ones) they will present it to Shyft’s move board. This is a tight and secure platform where experienced, verified, and legitimate moving companies come to bid on moving gigs, which can include yours. The companies are verified by Shyft, and they can also handle international moves. This means that if you wish to cross the seas, they can help you do that, and give you advice on handling customs.

Anyway, it is through this process that Shyft will collect moving quotes and information from individual movers. You will be given this list, and you can choose between three or more moving companies which do not have any connection to each other. You decide which is the best one for you, and Shyft will lock them down.

There is More to Moving Process

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That is not all that Shyft has to offer you. We have our own marketplace, Home & Lifestyle, where you can buy items such as office supplies, furniture, etc. And, all your items will be delivered directly to your new home. This will save you time. But, the best part of the Home & Lifestyle marketplace is that all the items on it come with a discount. Therefore, you would not only be saving your time but also your money as well. The marketplace not only offers physical items by mortgages, services, and more. Check it out today to see what we have waiting for you.

Furthermore, when you work with Shyft we are there for you. To clarify, we are on call with you seven days a week. Therefore, if you have a concern, questions, or want an update, give us a buzz since we are there waiting.

Contact Shyft today and let your moving process get off on the right, no-stress, money-saving foot.

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