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Create a Seamless Move with This Ultimate Packing Guide

Monday, March 27, 2023
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Everyone wants to have a non-problematic and seamless moving experience. However, the former may not always be possible depending on situations, weather, etc. But, the latter is more likely to happen due to flexible moving plan and starting ASAP on the moving process. One of the first things anybody in the process of moving should do is pack. And, pack well. With this ultimate packing guide, your packing will be seamless which can extend into your whole moving process.

Pro Moving Tip: Donate or Sell Items You Won’t Relocate

 Three people standing around a table and sorting out different types of donations like food and clothes

As you know packing and moving have to go hand in hand for the process to work. While you are planning your move, you should be packing so that you are ready for your moving day. And, packing can be time-consuming depending on how many items you have to take with you to your new home. 

That is one of the biggest pro packing tips that anyone can give you is to donate as much as you can. Certainly the higher items or the items that you will replace soon since they are outdated. The former can apply to books which stack up in weight, while the latter applies to electronics which can break down with the years gone by. Smart packing is more about donating or selling what you do not need or you won’t move with you, than the actual packing process.  

You can donate items to your friends or families, or even to charity organizations. Furthermore, you can pop down to your local thrift store to donate stuff there too. A word of advice would be to ask for a receipt from them since this can give you the chance to make a donation claim when it comes to your taxes for the following year. Meaning you can get your money back.

Another way to make the moving process seamless is by selling what you do not need. This will put money in your pocket to aid with your relocation and even the moving process. The point of donating and selling is to lighten your load so that your moving costs are lower. 

Depending on the distance you are moving, movers charge by weight. Hence, the pro packing tip is to sell or donate. Plus, this can also help with the old/new house balance so that you do not have to rent out storage until you find the right home for you, your family, and all your items. This can add to the expenses of moving. However, you can find cheaper and safer storage options if need be by searching online. But, take caution when doing so. 

If you need help trying to figure out what you should keep and what not to keep you can make a list of pros and cons when it comes to a lot of your items. A rule of thumb is that if you are planning on upgrading your items, or the items have run their course, you should let them go and buy new ones.  

Another pro packing tip we have up our shelves is for you to ask a very organized friend to aid you with the whole packing process. They can help you plan what to pack first, how to pack, and when to pack.

Use What You Have as “Packing Material”

A man and a woman are sitting on a sofa and packing a suitcase filled with clothes that is on the table in front of them

One of the best ways to save on costs and make sure that you have packed everything you want for the move is by using what you have as “packing material”. This means using blankets, towels, and even clothes as cushions instead of buying bubble wrap. Another good idea is to fill up your suitcases before you go looking for boxes.  

You will most likely be bringing suitcases so why not use them as they are intended to be used. Furthermore, you can also use this quick packing trick. If you are moving a dresser, then do not empty the contents of it. Instead, take out the drawers and wrap them tightly. This will give you a ton of time, space, and effort.  

As for hanging clothes, keep them on the hanger, but, place a plastic garbage bag over them. The bag will protect them during transit. When you get to your new home, take the bag off, and they are ready to hang. And, pack a travel bag for your trip that includes your documents, as well as electronics such as laptops, plus chargers.

Seamless Packing Planning

Planning can make a seamless move become true. And, the process should start as soon as you have your moving date. The second thing you should do, with the first being what to keep and what to give, is to plan which room to pack up when.  

You should start with the items that you do not use as often and work your way down to the ones you use daily. And, you should pack seasonal clothing that is not in season. So, if you are moving in the winter, pack your summer wear first and visa-versa.  

If you have children, leave their rooms for last. And, if you have pets, make sure that they have a safe place while you are doing your packing. Label each box or suitcase with the name of the room it came from. You can also color code them to make it easier for you when you are unpacking in your new home.

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Also, keep a moving journal of what goes into what suitcase or boxes. And, label them clearly so that the unpacking process is as seamless as the packing one. When it comes to your kitchen try to finish all your food a day before your move so that you have time to clean your refrigerator before you pack it if you are planning to take it with you.  

The whole point of starting your moving plan as soon as you can is to handle stressful schedules either our own and your family’s or the movers. When moving you would want to move when it is suitable for you, as well as find movers for that period. Search for them now to avoid waiting times. 

If possible, move when it is not summer as their schedules are more open. However, when working with a moving company both parties must be clear about all the details. This is so that misinterpretation of moving details is avoided, and everyone knows exactly what is happening and when. 

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The Smart Packing

A person is putting their laptop into a travel bag that is on the floor next to their bed

Packing does not need to be expensive if you start now with the process. However, if you do not have the time or the nerves, you can hire a professional packer to take on the work for you. They will know how to pack what, as well as supply the packing materials to do so.  

But, if you rather take on the packing job yourself then you should start asking around for certain items. One of the most important ones would be sturdy cardboard boxes. You can ask at your local grocery store if they have any, or you can even pop by Walmart where there are boxes to be brought. As well as other packing materials even for certain items such as television, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc. 

A strong word of advice is to be conscious of the weight of the boxes you are packing. Not only in terms of the moving cost, but also that you would have to lift them into the moving truck. Therefore, when it comes to packing books make sure that you pack them in small boxes so that you do not overfill the box, making it too heavy to lift. Likewise, you can also pack them in suitcases.

Going back to the topic of boxes, you would want to find ones that have hand holes in them. These will be a lot easier to lift and carry. You can try to make your own holes but be careful to not make them too high in case they rip at the top when you pick them up.  

Also, try to get boxes from liquor stores. They have flaps in them that separate the bottles and these would be great for your bottles or glasses, or even jars, etc. You can also tape them down to make space for bigger items such as lamps or big kids' toys. Make the boxes suit your packing needs.

Shyft Makes Moving Seamless And Easy

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The best way to do a seamless move is by getting someone to organize the whole process for you. You can ask your friends or family members, or you can hire a company that specializes only in organizing moves for other people. We are talking about Shyft. Shyft is the world's first tech-driven moving platform where creating seamless moves is our only goal. We are here to make the whole process easy on you while removing the stress of moving. To get in touch with us, all you have to do is pop onto our website, Shyft Moving and quickly fill out the short form on our homepage.  

You can expect your Move Coach to call at the time that you want through the free-to-download mobile app, ShyftNext. This will be a video call where you get to meet your Move Coach to aid you with every step of the way for your seamless moving process. They will tell you even more about the company as well as give you advice on how to make packing easier and quicker.

Furthermore, they will also create your very own inventory list during this first video call. This list will be 95% accurate. Half an hour after this call is finished, you will be sent your inventory list so that you can check it. It is here that you can add to your list, take away items, and even make notes on which ones are extremely dear to you. It is your list after all.

To the Secure Bidding Platform

When your Move Coach gets your list back, as well as all your moving details, excluding personal information, they will present it to our secure bidding platform. This is where verified, experienced, and Shyft-approved moving companies gather to bid on projects including yours. It is with their process that we gather as many moving quotes as you need from different moving companies. All the quotes are guaranteed. This collection of moving quotes is sent your way along with information about the movers.  

You decide which one to work with while also knowing all the facts about them.  

And, while you are waiting for your moving quotes to arrive, you can browse through our safe marketplace Home and Lifestyle. Here you can buy furniture, find temporary storage or homes as well as different types of services. All the items in our marketplace come with a discount. Plus, if you order a physical item, such as a sofa, then it will be delivered directly to your new home.  

Furthermore, if you have any questions, concerns, or just need tips and tricks on making a seamless move, you can contact us 24/7 including late evenings, as well as over the weekends. So, make your move seamless with Shyft, we are eager to and here to help.