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Understanding Different Moving Services

Monday, March 27, 2023
A man moving out his couch while packing items for his relocation

Moving is all about making decisions, and one of the most important ones you can make is what moving services you will use. There are a lot of moving companies out there willing to take on your move. But, are they the right one? How do you know? We are here to help you decide, or at least narrow down your choices regarding different types of movers and moving services. 

Local Movers Or Short Distance Movers

The way to decide which moving services you need to use is by looking at how far you need to move. When you know this, it makes it a lot easier to decide which type of moving services you want. There are local moving companies that specialize in short distance moving. This means that they move you within the state that you are in. Such as from one city to another. Usually about 100 miles (160,9 km). 

Or even down the road. 

These types of local movers charge per hour with the average being between $30 to $40 per mover. However, if you want to use two local movers and their truck then it may cost you about $110 to $150 per hour. Depending on which moving company you go with. Some can go up to $75 per mover per hour. This does include the movers loading your items into their trucks, making the drive, and then unloading at your new home.  

Furthermore, local moving companies do not have to have a USDOT number. But, they must have a state license under the authority of state laws and regulations from the state that they are based in. 

A man carrying black moving crates into a home, he is about to pack his items and move out

Long-Distance Moving 

However, if you are planning to make a bigger move that is over 100 miles, then it falls under a long-distance move. Therefore, obviously, you would go for long-distance moving companies. These types have to have a USDOT number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Unless you want to go for a scam mover, which no one recommends. 

Long distance movers charge by the weight of your items as well as the distance that they have to travel. And, they are the ones that you will use for your interstate moves. Since it is a long journey we would recommend that you do research into the different long distance moving companies.  

This includes reading reviews and making sure they have the necessary experience to carry your precious items without breakage. And, also compare moving quotes between the moving companies. As well as what else long distance movers have to offer. 

A moving truck on the street with colorful art on the side of it of a girl and a dragon

Your Long Distance Move With Shyft

International Movers or Overseas Movers

Now, we are getting into more complex concerns when it comes to moving, an international move. While it is exciting to experience life in a new land, you would have to get there first. And, make sure that your items get to your new overseas home too. That is what international moving companies are paid (by you) to do.  

Plus, hiring an international moving company has a major benefit. That is, they know the customs obligations of the land you want to live in. As well as what the import restrictions are, plus how you can get insurance.  

Traveling with an international moving company can make the complex process easier. Regardless of whether your items are going for a sea cruise or a flight. Either type of transit requires paperwork.   

When it comes to the moving cost of hiring an international mover, there are three things that are taken into consideration to make up the price. Such as volume of luggage/ shipment, the distance that needs to be traveled, and the mode of traveling.  

A plan in the cloudy sky above a field transporting people and items

Moving Businesses or Commercial Movers

Another type of moving that is even more complex than going overseas, and even more pricey, is commercial moving. This is if you want to relocate your business from one city to another regardless of whether it is in the US or internationally. That is because it requires more planning as well as commercial movers that have proper training in commercial moving.  

If you think of it in this way, your business has sensitive and valuable items, be it computers, hard drives, documents, data records, etc. that have to be carefully moved so as not to cause breakage.  

Furthermore, commercial moves should, preferably, be done as soon as possible so as to not cut into much work time. And, the commercial movers not only have to know how to move your important items but also how to properly pack them. 

As we have mentioned this type of moving is pricey with the average coming up to about $1, 20 to $2, 40 per square foot of office space. Added on top of that is the average cost of packing which is about $0, 90 per square foot of office equipment. 

Close up of person typing on a laptop while researching professional movers
Your Corporate Move With Shyft

Moving Special Items- Specialty Movers

Going away from the office, and back to your current home, you may have some items that are considered “specialties”. These are usually pianos, pool tables, wine collections, antiques, artworks, safes, etc. The items that are more valuable and delicate compared to your fridge, for example.  

Items such as pianos are heavy, meaning that you could get hurt if you try to move them by yourself. Therefore, it would be best to hire specialty movers to do it for you. What is more, is that these specialty movers know how to move the items, as well as how to pack them.  

The latter is important since you would not want your special items to come to their new home in pieces. Our advice for when you are looking for a specialty moving company is to make sure you have a list of all the valuable or heavy items you want to move. This is how you can get the most information from them on how they plan to do the move, regarding special protections as well as crates designed specifically for housing your delicate items.  

Remember, it is best to ask if you are unsure if an item falls into specialty if you are not sure. 

Picture of an old dusty piano that needs to be relocated

Full, Partial, or Self Moves

Regardless of the types of movers, you need to hire, you should also think about how you want it to be done. Do you want the moving company to do everything for you? This includes packing, loading the truck, traveling, unloading, unpacking and putting your items in their new spots.  

Then you would want to go with a full-service moving company. Certainly, if you do not have a lot of time on your hands. Such as making a commercial move.  

However, if you only need help with a certain moving task, then why not look into partial moving services? These are the ones that do one thing regarding the move. This can be packing strangely shaped items, loading and unloading heavy stuff, or moving from one room to another. Furthermore, they can also be used as a pickup and delivery service. As in they come with the truck, you pack, they drive, and then you unpack.  

Another option is that you do self move, the self-service moving. Going with this option gives you two choices. One is that you have packed everything, and need a mover to drive the rental truck. The other is to use a mobile storage container.  

Or you can go totally DIY and hire a moving truck for you to pack up and drive yourself. The rental services do give you basic moving equipment, but you would have to do all the steps yourself for your self move. This can be handy if you are doing a short distance move and have time for it.  

Furthermore, there is also car transportation. This is if you have a car that you want to move to your new home, but do not want to drive it there. Or you have another car that you want to move, while you drive your other.

A man entering his new home and holding up three small cardboard boxes

Shyft as A Moving Service 

One more aspect of moving is the organization that goes into it. While you have an idea in your head on how you want to get to your new home, as well as what type of moving company you want to go with, you still have to find them. This is where Shyft can be of service.  

Shyft is a move organizer fintech company that does all the boring stuff of moving for you. Plus, it is very easy to get in contact with them. Just go on to their site and fill out their form. Then a move assistant will give you a video call through the ShyftNext app which is free to download. This video chat happens when you say it does.  

Furthermore, this move assistant is your Move Assistant. As in they are there to help you with your move every step of the way. During this first call, they will take down your inventory list including the specialty items that you want to move. When the call ends, wait about half an hour and the list will be sent to you. 

This is so you can check that they did not miss anything, or put something that you do not want to move with. Then you send the list back to them.  

From there, your Move Assistant takes all your moving information to Shyft’s secure bidding platform. Here is where a bunch of experienced, and different types of moving companies, gather to bid on your move. When Shyft has three different quotes (or more) from three separate moving companies, the quotes are sent to you. So that you can pick the right one for your move. Plus, all the quotes are guaranteed with no hidden costs.  

Furthermore, if you have any questions at any time of the day, night, and over the weekends you can contact your Move Assistant since they are on call to you 24 hours 7 days a week. Another thing that you can do is to check out Shyft’s marketplace.  

This tab on their site has a collection of world-class items from furniture, to other services such as insurance. There is a lot on the site. And, every item comes with a discount. People that have used Shyft in the past were able to save about $600 on their move. Plus, the items are delivered directly to your new home.  

One more thing about Shyft is that they also help with commercial moves. They do this by appointing a separate Move Assistant to every employee within your company making the move. There is also Shyft Card which is a service that lets you directly transfer your employee’s relocation allowances. As well as allowing you to check in on how the funds are being used. It is all secure.  

Therefore, if you want to move but do not know where to start or which type of move you need, your best bet is to ask Shyft for help. They will do it, and they do not charge for their services. Shyft gets paid with the move.