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Utility Connections- The Hidden Moving Stressor

Monday, March 27, 2023
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Imagine if you will: you arrive at your new house, slide the key into the lock and rotate. Click. You open the door and breathe in the smell of your new home. Look around at the next chapter of your life. You notice that it is a bit dim so you decide to flip the switch. Flip. Nothing. You have not connected your utilities. Then it dawns on you that you will not have warm water, internet, cable or even gas. This is something that can happen to many new movers who overlook the importance of home services such as utilities connection. To avoid the previously mentioned outcome (and to save you stress) we will tell you what you can do to make sure everything runs accordingly in your new home, particularly utilities connection. As in to flip the switch and the lights to come on.

Shyft Connect: Shyft’s Concierge Utilities Connect Service

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While you can hook up your new utility services by yourself, you can also use the services of Shyft Connect. This is a concierge service where experienced people connect utility for you. Furthermore, the service itself is free. You only pay for the utilities that you choose to get set up and use, logically. Therefore, you can enjoy your new home with all the utilities connected and running. All without the stress of having to set it up yourself.  

How the service works is that you get in touch with Shyft Connect. One of our connection specialists will help you connect and set up your utilities in your new home. This includes everything that goes into connecting utilities. Such as disconnecting electricity, internet, water, and gas at your current home. As well as all utilities to be connected at your new home. Furthermore, the connection specialist will also help you change your address at the post office.  

Shyft works with the best home services utility specialists (the nation’s top selection) at the best prices. Customer care is the name of the game while saving you time, stress and money. All you have to do is make a call to us to organize every one for your utilities. Furthermore, we also offer a “free YourHomeNotes and Recall Check.” This is for every customer that comes our way regarding this concierge service under our name.  

Take out the hassle of utility connection with Shyft Connect and enjoy connecting with your new home while the utilities are all running accordingly.

DIY- Connect Utility

If you want to set up your utilities yourself for your new home, then you should make a checklist of what you need and where to get it. This is so you can stay on top of everything without overlooking a step. You should have two lists: one is for the utilities you need to disconnect before the move day. The other is for the utilities you need to connect at your new home, such as Internet, electricity, landline phone line etc.  

One of the first things you need to do is to contact your current services provider to let them know when you are moving. This should be done a month before the move-out date. A word of advice is that you can request that your electricity stays on for two days in your old location in case you need to come back to pick up leftover items or boxes.

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Then you would want to start researching new and preferred home services for your new home. This is so you can find the best home care services at the best prices. You should ask the new companies the following questions: 

  • How long will installation take?
  • Do you need to be there for installation or activation?
  • What are the activation fees?
  • How much are the utilities monthly?
  • How much notice should you give them to make sure that your services are running when you enter your new home?
  • Do they offer home repair services if something does not work out correctly? 

A rule of thumb would be to make sure that the utilities are under your name and that they will be connected when you enter your new home. Furthermore, you would also have to inform the post office as well as the DMV of your change of address. 

Gas and Electricity

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There are two types of scenarios regarding setting up gas and electricity. The first is a regulated market and the second is called a deregulated market. The former is when the market is regulated meaning that the utility company owns the infrastructure as well as the transmission lines. They sell gas and electricity to the people. 

A deregulated market is when private companies supply gas and electricity. You should find out which one your new home uses and if it is the latter (deregulated) do research to find the best company for you. And, make sure their services work when you move in. 


Water flowing out of a tap

There is water that you use for cooking, washing, and drinking and this is known as culinary water. You pay per gallon of usage since it is metered. There is also secondary water which is mostly used for gardening. Therefore, you would want to ask your realtor what type of water is at your new place (and if you can even drink the tap water) as well as who the provider of the water is. 

From there you can give them a call to find out the process of how to turn on the water in your name. You will not need to be present for this activation since it can be done over the phone, just be clear about the move-in date.

Internet and TV

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As you know the internet has become a staple in many people’s homes, even those who are not remote workers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make sure that your internet is connected and fast enough to handle what you and your family throw at it. However, this home service does not need to be implemented straight away (unless you do need it for work, in that case, the sooner the better).  

You can research what are the best options for you in terms of speed, and cost. You can also search for bundles where TV and internet are linked together since this can save your installation time as well as only having to pay one bill instead of two. Or you can ask your current internet/ TV provider if they can transfer to your new home.  

There are different TV services such as satellite, cable, and even streaming. The latter is based on your account so that it is connected to your internet (when it is activated). Cable TV requires cables to run through your home, while the satellite is through satellite. The latter is more cost-effective since you do not need cables everywhere.  

Basically, you would want to research which internet or TV provider has the best prices for you as well as what channels (for the latter) they offer. You may find some services that can offer you a free trial for certain channels so you can get a feel for them. 

Either way, you should research which is the best TV and internet provider for your needs and make sure that you get all that you need to set up, or that they arrive on the moving day to hook everything up in terms of the internet and TV. This can be done a day after the move if need be, but best to organize before the move.

Before the Utilities Connection, Make the Entire Move with Shyft

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While connecting your utilities in your new home is important you would also want to make sure that you get there safely before the utilities connection can even start. That is where the world’s first tech-driven moving platform comes in. Shyft not only offers a concierge for utility home connections, but we can also organize your whole moving process for you.  

Check out our Shyft Moving website for more information, as well as to get in touch with us by filling out the super short form. This is where your own Move Coach will contact you via the mobile, free-to-download, app: Shyft Next. This app works as a secure video call app where you meet and see your Move Coach. You can ask them questions, and it is also during this very first meeting that they will create your inventory list by asking you to give them a virtual tour of your current house.  

Furthermore, this meeting and virtual tour happens at the time that you specify. Therefore, you do not have to wait around for us to call you. Or wait around for your Move Coach to be physically in your space.  When the initial inventory list is created it will be sent to you. This will be within half an hour from the end of your first call.  

This initial list is 95% accurate and you add the reminding 5% to make it 100% accurate to your needs, wants, and moving desires. When you are happy with your 100% inventory list, you send it to your Move Coach. 

The Inventory List and (Only) Your Moving Details

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Once your Move Coach receives your 100% accurate inventory list, they will present it along with only your moving details to Shyft’s secure move board. The information presented here excludes your personal ones. Here is where experienced, Shyft-vetted and legitimate moving companies gather to bid on moving projects where yours can join the list.  

It is through this process that we will gather three or more moving quotes where each one from a different moving company. The quotes and information about the individual companies will be sent to you. You get to compare and contrast to see which one is the best mover for you. Plus, all the quotes that are sent your way are guaranteed and fixed even if you add more items to your inventory list.  

What is more, is that you can contact us seven days a week to check in, ask questions, etc. We are on call to you.  

Outside of organizing your moving process, as well as the concierge service, we also offer you our marketplace: Home & Lifestyle. Here is where you can get a range of services and items where everything comes with a discount. Plus, physical items are delivered directly to your new home, and not your current location. This, alone, will save you money since you do not have to transport it from one home to another. Therefore, with Shyft you would be saving money while reducing stress. 

So contact us today to get started on your moving process. Also, check out Shyft Connect to get your utilities in order without the stress. 

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Save Time on Connecting Utilities with Shyft