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Video Survey Apps Improved the Relocation Industry- How They Do It

Monday, September 11, 2023
A man and a woman making the inventory list of their belongings with their DIY survey

Video survey apps are not only one of the fairly recent relocation industry trends but they are certainly taking the relocation industry by storm. They can help redefine interactions between clients and professionals by enhancing communication. As well as streamlining assessments. A video survey app can make the moving experience a lot more customer-centric and easier to handle the move.

What Are Video Survey Apps?

A person installing video survey app to start making the inventory list of things to relocate

In short, a video survey app is an application that helps people and relocation companies complete pre-move surveys without either side needing to be in the same physical location. It is all done virtually and before the move-out day. It allows the client to have their inventory list to be taken stock of without waiting around for someone to physically do it. 

One of the best ways to go about this is by having the company perform a live virtual survey. This is when a representative from a moving company uses video call to do a face-to-face with the clients without having to be physically there. It is live, therefore, it is real and not a pre-recording. Meaning that the client can ask the representative questions. Furthermore, the representative can also make sure that they have the details correct. Some video survey apps use AI to identify items, as well as to work out the packing requirements. This is all done to create an inventory list for the client that will be used to find or hire moving companies.

There are also self-guided video surveys where the client is the one who creates the videos of their current home and the items they want to move with. These videos are recorded through a moving app / video survey app where a representative of the moving company has to input the inventory manually.  Therefore, a video survey app can:

  • Let you speak to a representative
  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Create an inventory list for you
  • Reduce waiting time
  • Keep a virtual record of your items

Video Survey App Benefits

A mover making the inventory list the old fashioned way going from house to house

The benefits of using video survey apps is that it lets the moving and relocation industry trends keep up with the changing of the times. Since technology is at the forefront of many industries, the moving one is no different. It can help make the client's moving experience easier to manage as well as streamline the process. Plus, there is less waiting on either side (client and company) since the virtual survey apps allow the process to happen on the same day of meeting the client. Here is a list of the advantages of moving companies using video survey apps to make their, and their client's life so much easier:

Faster Surveys with Online Video Survey Apps

The survey allows the process of gathering information to make an inventory list a lot faster. This also increases inspection speed as well as the collection of moving quotes to send to a client. In-home, person-to-person surveys usually take up to one to three hours including driving time for the representative to get to the client's home. This can vary due to traffic, weather, etc. Plus, there is also a waiting period before the clients receive their moving quotes.

A video survey app cuts the waiting time down from one to three hours to half an hour to an hour. Also, it can increase the number of moving quotes the client will get from their company. Since it takes less time to create the inventory list, it can mean that there is more time to find more moving quotes.

Free Moving Apps Save Time and Money

A close-up of a clock on the wall representing the modern urge to save time

Moving apps will not only save the client's money and time since clients do not have to take a whole day off work to do the inventory list and get the quotes, but they also save the company's resources. On the company side the overhead costs have lessened since video surveys allow representatives to do the surveys without having to travel anywhere. This also decreases transportation costs. And, the company would not have to hire more salespeople since there is more time for them to focus on the clients and quality of services.

Convenience of The Virtual Survey Apps

Depending on the type of virtual survey app, clients can do the video survey at the time that suits them. In-person would usually mean that the client had to take a day off work and wait for a representative to show up at their current home. With these types of moving apps, the client can bypass the wait and do it at a time that is best for them.

Clear and Accessible Documentation on The Virtual Survey App

With a video survey app, the documentation of your inventory can be a lot more clearer. This can decrease the chances of the prices for the moving company to be under-estimated. The videos are time-stamped and the items can be seen how they looked before the relocation, in case of accidents and damage. This is an advantage for both the client and company side.

Shyft Next App Helping the Relocation Industry - One Client at a Time

A father teaching his kid to ride a bike after moving to countryside with his family

As the relocation industry changes with the times, so do companies that specialize in organizing client's moving experiences. One of these is Shyft, the world's first tech moving platform. Our goal is to make your moving experience a lot less stressful while saving you time and money. One of the ways we achieve this goal is through our secure, moving app Shyft Next. This is a free video survey app that works for both iOS devices and Android ones

Furthermore, you can contact us through this app by filling in the pre-move survey. The information provided is where you want to move to, the size of the new house you will move into as well as the date of the move. And, when you want us to call you to organize.

A Move Coach will give you a video call through the Shyft Next app at the time that you say in one of the pre-move surveys that you fill out quickly. They will not call you before your time, or after it. Therefore, you can plan your day accordingly and include us in your schedule. During this call, you will meet your real-life Move Coach to ask them questions about the Shyft moving experience and process. And, it is also during this meeting that your Move Coach will create your inventory list.

This is done right then and there without you having to wait for them to be physically in your current home. You will just need to give them a virtual tour or a video survey of your current home and show them the inside of a drawer or two. And, they will do the rest. The call, including the virtual tour, should take between half an hour to an hour depending on the size of your home. When the call is over, you can expect this inventory list to be sent to you within half an hour.

What is more, is that you can change the inventory list to better suit your needs. While the initial inventory list is 95% accurate, this is your chance to make it 100% accurate through the Shyft Next app. You can add items, remove others, and leave notes that you believe will be useful for the moving company to know. When you have taken your inventory list from 95% to 100% you can send it to your Move Coach. 

Finding a Moving Company with Help of Video Survey App

A mother giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek while hanging outdoors

When we get your new and improved inventory list we will get to work on finding you options for moving companies. We do this by presenting your inventory list along with only your moving information (no personal ones) to our secure moving board. This is how we collect three or more moving quotes. 

Each quote is from a different moving company, and we send you the quotes along with information about the movers. You can make an educated choice on which moving company to work with. All the quotes are fixed and there are no hidden costs. You pay what you see even if your inventory were to change. The price would stay the same. 

Furthermore, all the moving companies have experience, have all their paperwork in order, as well as being verified by Shyft. Therefore, you will be in good hands. And, you would be able to compare the moving companies through the Shyft Next app to see and decide which would be the best for you. Once you let us know which mover you want to work with, we lock them down for you right away.

A couple moving the cardboard boxes and plants in their new apartment as they move in

What is more, is that you can reach out to us whenever you have a question that needs to be answered. We are on call to you seven days a week. Also, we can give you updates on the process so that you are in the know. We also have an online marketplace on our Home & Lifestyle Marketplace if you are looking to buy new items for your new home. All the items will be delivered to your new home. 

And, there are also useful services on our marketplace from mortgages to unit storage and more. Plus, all the items and services on our secure marketplace come with a discount. You will save money while getting what you need.  

Plus, if you are an employer looking to relocate your employees you can use our safe Shyft Card. This is how you can transfer directly to your employees the relocation funds they need. As well as keep track of how the funds are going. Book a demo to learn more.

A pre-move survey app and a video survey app are the best ways to get your moving process up and running while you save time and money with Shyft. Contact us today through Shyft Next to get the Shyft moving experience started. Technology makes your life easier, and we will make your moving experience less stressful. We await your contact.

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