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What Are Moving Quote Estimates? How are the Prices Determined?

Monday, March 27, 2023
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There are so many decisions to be made when you’re moving, the most important ones being: 

  1. What Moving Company to go with?
  2. What pricing option is the best for your move? 

Both are of equal importance. Finding a moving company isn’t easy - think about it, how many movers do you know off the top of your head? How do you know if they’re licensed and accredited properly? How do you know that they’re reliable? The truth is that moving is stressful for many reasons, and this is one of the choices that takes up a lot of your time, and is amongst the most stressful. 

The second is finding the right price for your move - how do you know that the price you’re quoted is truly the final one, and that it won’t suddenly go up once your belongings are already loaded on the truck. It isn’t an easy process, but it can be.

Choosing to go with Shyft for your move alleviates most of this stress as Shyft thoroughly vets the moving companies it works with, and offers a pricing guarantee on its quotes (unless you add more items, or change the location of the drop off). Shyft will organize your entire move - and at no cost to you, you’ll just pay for your move.

But before we tell you about all the great things that Shyft can do for you, let’s explain exactly how the price of your move is determined.

What Are Moving Quotes and Moving Estimates?

A woman biting her pen while thinking about best moving quote to choose from moving quotes provided to her

One of the ways to decide which moving company to go with is by looking at how much they are willing to charge you. Therefore, a moving quote gives you a clear idea of how much you will be spending if you go with a certain mover, and for what services. 

Furthermore, these moving quotes are calculated in particular ways through the information that you provide the potential movers. This info consists of your inventory list. As in the objects that you will move to your new home or location i.e. an office space. As well as the details of your move. Which day do you want to move, what time you would like to move, where you are moving to, as in the distance, is it a short or long-distance move, etc.? Do the movers have to pack your items for you? Etc.  

Some movers may give you a moving quote over the phone, while others let you request a moving quote through their website. However, the best way to get an accurate moving quote is by having an in-person consultation. This is so they can see what you want to move. They do this by working out the per hour rate (for short-distance moves) or the weight (long-distance moves). Verified and licensed moving companies do not work out the moving quote according to cubic feet. Make sure you are aware of how scam movers can trick you.

But, some moving companies are unable to be in-person. However, the next best thing is for them to be there virtually. This can be done through a moving app where they can collect your moving information, as well as see what objects you want to transit.

Types of Moving Quotes

Two men sitting on single sofas and talking to each other about moving estimates and types of moving quotes

As you know it is important to pay attention to the paperwork, before you sign anything. Something that you may not know, certainly if you are a first-time mover, is that there are three types of moving estimates: Non-binding, Binding, and Binding not to exceed. 

Non-binding Quotes

The first type of moving quotes is the one that you should try to avoid at all costs since it will cost you more. This is the one that can turn up with hidden costs. A non-binding moving quote means that the moving company does not have to stick to the quote that has been agreed upon. 

How it works is that a moving company may present the moving quote to be a lower estimate so that they can win you over. The thing is that moving companies measure by cubic feet (short-distance movers) or weight (long-distance moving companies). Therefore, if your objects are bigger or heavier than the estimate, you will have to cover more of the cost of transportation. And, this can lead to a lot of pretty pennies.

Binding Quotes

A close up of a hand signing a contract

On the other hand, there is a binding quote. This is the opposite of the non-binding quote just mentioned since the moving company is stuck to this moving quote. It is a flat fee that is guaranteed. However, a little downside is that if your objects are smaller or lighter than the company estimated, then you will not get a discount since this moving quote is fixed.  

Furthermore, if you decide that you want to move more objects than you originally intended then you would have to speak to your movers ahead of time so that they can accept the new objects. They will accept but you may have to negotiate a different binding quote or if it is not that many new items you may not have to pay an additional fee. However, speak to them beforehand. Otherwise, your object may get left behind or you may not be able to afford to take it with you.  

Binding Not Exceed Quotes

And, the final type of moving quote is known as “binding not exceed.” This is the most popular out of the three types of moving quotes since it gives you the maximum amount you are expected to pay for your move. Even if the objects are heavier you will not pay over the maximum amount that was quoted to you. It is similar to binding quotes with a key difference being that if your objects are lighter than you will get a discount since the objects are lighter than the quote estimate. You only pay the actual cost and not the fixed moving quote. But, you do not go over the maximum amount. 

Get Free Moving Quotes with Shyft

Moving Terms, You Should Know

A group of people looking at a laptop to understand moving terms

Not only do you need to understand how the moving quote is calculated, but it would not hurt to know the terms that movers use when working out what to charge you. Such as BOL (Bill of Lading). This is the official contract between the moving company and yourself. This is where the information about your move will be such as the contents to be movers, the pick-up and delivery addresses, and even the times. Be sure to read it carefully before you sign, as well as keep a copy of the BOL close to you in case something goes wrong.  

Another term for you to look out for is CP. This means Carrier Packed which is when cartons or boxes are packed by the movers for you. It will be an additional cost for this packing service. Therefore, if you are planning to pack some boxes yourself, make sure you check which ones are packed by the movers so that you do not overpay.  

COD means Cash on Delivery. This is when you pay the movers when your items have reached your new home. You have to check with the company to find out how they accept payments as well as make sure you get the signed receipt. Flight charge can be a bit of a confusing term if you have never come across it before. However, it refers to how many flights of stairs the movers have to go up and down in order to get your items out of your current apartment or house with stairs. It has nothing to do with flying.

More On Moving Terms

A woman sitting outside looking at her phone to checking the moving quotes she received from Shyft

PBO is an acronym for Packed by Owner. As the name suggests it is when you pack your boxes and items by yourself. It can help you to save money. However, you may want to research what type of packing materials you will have to use. Plus, if there are objects that you are not 100 percent sure how to pack then it would be safer to go with a packing service. The last thing you would want is to bring home damaged objects.  

Another term for you to know is PAD. It stands for Preferred Arrival Date. This is when you want your objects to be delivered to your new home. Make sure that you make it clear when you are filling out the form with the moving company.

Get Free Moving Quotes with Shyft

A woman talking on the phone with her Shyft Move Assistant while checking her moving quotes on her laptop

While getting the right moving quotes can be a bit of a challenge that requires a lot of research and time there is a much more simpler way to gather them. That is by using Shyft to do all the searches for you. Shyft is the world’s first tech-powered moving marketplace that organizes your move for you. We do the time consuming organization of a move so that you do not need to.  

All you have to do is to get in contact with us through our website. There is a short form for you to fill out. This is where we will know when to contact you to start your moving process with us. Furthermore, we will contact you at the time you want, instead of the other way around. Your Move Coach will contact you using the same to use, and free to download a mobile app called ShyftNext.  

It is during this initial meeting where we take down, as well as create your inventory list. When the meeting is over, this list is sent your way within half an hour. This is when you can check if we got everything correct. Furthermore, we will only go ahead when we have your “okay” with the list to do so. It is with this list, and the details of your move that we get to work on finding you moving quotes.

We present all this information to our secure platform where experienced, verified moving companies can bid on your project. It is here where we gather three or more moving quotes as well as information about the companies to send to you. You can compare and decide which moving quote to work with for your move. 

The best part is that all the moving quotes are fixed so that you do not have to worry about hidden costs.

More Than Just Moving Quotes

Three people talking about moving estimates while looking at them on the laptop

As mentioned, Shyft organizes people’s moves. And there is a lot more to it than finding moving quotes to send your way. We can help with all forms of the organization all while being on call to you 24/7. This means during working hours, weekends, and at night. Furthermore, we do not only do personal moves but corporate ones too.  

If you are a company that is looking to relocate its headquarters, then we can lend a helping hand. Every employee that is moving on behalf of your company will get their own Move Coach to aid them. Plus, you as the employer can use a secure Shyft Card. This card is a platform that lets you directly transfer relocation funds to your employees making the move. Furthermore, you will be able to keep up to date with how the funds are going.

A man holding banknotes showing how much he saved on a move with Shyft

Regardless if you are doing a personal or business move you can save up to $600 on your move by working with Shyft. That is about how much people have saved in the past. Shyft only gets paid with the move. Therefore, we do not charge for our services.  

And, you can save some more money by checking out our Home and Lifestyle marketplace tab. There are office supplies, mattresses, furniture, and even services such as storage or mortgages etc. All the items and services in the marketplace come with a discount. Plus, if you order an item then this is delivered directly to your new home. Saving you even more money.  

So get guaranteed moving quotes with Shyft, and we will help you get to your new home be it office or personal. When it comes to getting moving quotes it is important that you read through everything carefully, ask a lot of questions as well as do your own research. It is important and valuable to make informed decisions when it comes to relocation.

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