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What Are the Most Moved-to States?

Wednesday, April 5, 2023
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Millions of people have been and are planning to relocate from one state to another. Reasons could be for work opportunities, families, studies, lifestyle, cheaper tax or cost of living, etc. Some states are more popular to move to than others while other states can suit a certain demographic more. Therefore, check out the most popular states to move to before you get your bags packed.

Why You Would Want to Know The Most Popular States to Move to

A family that moved to the seaside posing for a picture on a beach

Knowledge is power, as the old saying goes. Therefore, if you are planning on moving to another state, then why not choose one that is on the rise? Certainly, if you are in the fortunate position of not being limited by work obligations. Or, maybe, you just want a new start. Knowing what is the most moved-to state in 2022, can help you decide where you want to live, or maybe where you want to avoid living if it is not your thing.  

Furthermore, knowing what the most moved-to stats are for 2022 may help you almost “predict” what this year may bring. Maybe you may even see a pattern forming. Other reasons you may want to look into the most moved-to states in the US are because of your age demographic, job opportunities, or general interests. Every state has its own vibe to it, meaning it may attract a certain type of people more than others. And, space. People want more space so they move to it. Well, a lot of people have done so since 2020. 

Before You Move to The Most Moved to State in The US

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One of the main reasons that millions of Americans are moving intrastate has to do with the need for more space as well as to move to a more suburban area. This makes sense since this allows people to have the former. Therefore, when you decide to move to a popular state in 2023 you may want to look at the ones with more space. As well as research the cost of living, taxes, housing, etc. in that state before you get there. Also, it would be wise to apply and get a job in the state before your move. Killing two birds with one stone as one would say.

Most Moved to States 2022

Two women sitting in public transit looking at google maps on the phone while talking to each other

To put it shortly, the most popular state to move to in 2022, according to research, is California. With the beaches, warm climate, happening nightlife, young lifestyle, and plenty of work it is not a surprise. Also, there is a fair amount of space in the area allowing for a sense of freedom. And, depending on which city you live in, it can help determine your cost of living. A rule of thumb is away from the more well-known and central areas, the more affordable it may be. Do not take our word for it, do your research, while checking the facts.  

On the second of our list is…


A couple taking a selfie together in front of the bridge while taking a walk  in the park

The capital of the land is not only growing in popularity with personal moves but corporate moves too. Washington has a lot going for it in terms of work as well as the natural wonders that inhabit the space. Furthermore:

  • People living in this state do not pay state income tax.
  • There are plenty of foods and drinks to have.
  • The job market is on the rise. 

Another state that has seen an influx of residents is big, old…


A man in a jean jacket sitting, singing, and playing his guitar while sitting in front of a red barn

Outside of the draw of the land of the West, and the diversity of the cities that live in the state, Texas also offers a manageable cost of living, while being a tax-free income state. What is more, there is a rich history of the state as well as vast and delicious types of food. Also, there are tons of potential career opportunities. What you may not know is that Texas also has a conservative political environment, which could be one of the main draws for people to make the move to those popular states. This is something to keep in mind.  

And, on we go to… surprisingly…

New York

An Indian American family of three taking a walk on the sidewalk while hand in hand with their child in the middle

The state of New York is a beautiful state to live in outside of the city of New York. The city of New York is a 24-hour concrete jungle where nightlife bleeds into work life with no in-between since it is a city that never sleeps.  

But, the suburbs and the cities outside the main and known ones are the places to be. They offer space, as in personal front and backyards, in the suburbs. Plus, you will also get the chance to sleep in or step out on the town once in a while instead of every night. We are stereotyping, or are we? Research and find out if New York outside of the city of New York is the right place for you.  

What we can hint at is that the state offers more than the concrete jungle with Niagara Falls and even more natural wonders of the world. And, it is growing with job opportunities.  

Last, but not least we go to…


Three friends taking a walk in the park and chatting while one of them has an electricity scooter

Not only is this state a favorite among the over-50s demographic but it is also a highlight for the younger generation as well. It is the best of all ranges of ages leading to a fairly diverse range of people. Outside of the tropical weather and sandy beaches, there are plenty of work opportunities for people hoping to start a life in the state. There is no income tax, while also being known as having a laid-back atmosphere.

Get The Best Interstate Moving Experience with Shyft

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Figuring out the best state to move to in 2023 may be a touch of a challenge. However, what will not be is finding a way to move there while saving your money, and time, and lowering your stress level. This can all be done by working with the world’s first tech-driven moving platform, called Shyft. We are a group of hard-working, real-life people and our goal is to get our clients to their new homes. We will organize your whole moving progress for you while giving you a calm moving experience. 

Get in touch with Shyft today to hear more about what we can do, and how we do it for you. All you have to do is visit our site and fill out the short form that is right there on the front page. From there one of our Move Coaches will reach out to you through the free-to-download mobile app, Shyft Next which you will need to have on your Android or iOS device. It is through this app that your Move Coach will contact you. However, they will only give you a video call at the time that you say. Not before that time, certainly not after.

During this initial call, you will see and speak to your Move Coach to get more information, advice, tips and tricks, and more. As well as giving them a chance to create your inventory list while you give them a virtual tour of your current living space. That is right, they will create your inventory list during this first meeting without needing to step inside your current location. Plus, you just need to show them a drawer or two for them to figure out the rest.

After the Meeting with Move Coach

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This initial inventory list will be 95% accurate and that is not the best part. The list will be sent to you within half an hour from the end of your first call with your Move Coach. Therefore, you get to check their handwork, as well as add or remove items, and make notes through the app on your inventory list. This means, as you can guess, that you will make your list 100% accurate. When you are finished you send the 100% accurate list to your Move Coach. 

It is with this updated list and only your move information (no personal ones) that your Move Coach will present to Shyft’s secure moving board. This board is where experienced and Shyft-vetted moving companies gather to bid on moving projects where yours will be added.  

This is where we find three or more moving quotes along with information about the mover company to send your way. Each quote comes from a different company and you choose which one to work with. Once you have made your decision you let us know, and we lock down that particular mover right away before they get taken by another person. 

Furthermore, the quotes are what you see is what you pay. Therefore, there are no hidden costs. Plus, if you were to change your inventory list for any reason, it will not affect the cost of the move since it is a guaranteed, and fixed price.

What is more, is that we also have an online marketplace called Home & Lifestyle where you can buy a range of products as well as services. This can go from getting office supplies, to sofas, to mortgages or storage options. All physical items will be delivered directly to your new home in the other state. Saving your time and moving money. Plus, all that you see in our marketplace comes with a discount. 

Another service that we offer through Shyft is help to relocate your employees. You can read more about it on our website, and get in touch with us to learn more. With Shyft your intrastate moving (moving from one state to another) will be as easy as sending, showing, and choosing. You send your form to us through our site, we give you a call so you can show us your current space and then you choose which moving company to work with while making an educated decision. That’s it on your end, and on ours, let us handle the rest of your move. 

Get in touch today and let your Shyft intrastate moving experience be a stress-less experience with us by your side. What is more, is that you can reach out to us seven days a week when you want to do a follow-up, ask for advice, or to see how things are going. We are there for you so give us an intrastate shot.

Move to Popular States with Shyft