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What Are the Moving Blues?

Monday, March 27, 2023
Man sitting on the sofa, feeling sad after relocating to a new country for work

Moving to a new place is hard regardless if it is to another country, continent, or down the street to a new home, it is a collection of tasks that can add a lot of stress to your being. However, the idea of a new home is an exciting one that opens up a lot of possibilities. But, the downside is that you can get sick after you move to a new place. Why is that? And, how can you avoid getting the Moving Blues? Well, let’s find out.

Sick Building Syndrome - Why Check the Place Before You Move In

Sick Building Syndrome is a real issue that is often caused by a poorly maintained structure. These homes can end up releasing toxins, as well as irritants that can cause you to feel sick while in a new place. Water damage, chemicals, radon, mold, as well as asbestos also add to Sick Building Syndrome. Side effects can include dizziness, throat irritation, headaches, fatigue and nausea.  

Therefore, to avoid Sick Building Syndrome before you even buy the place you should get it inspected and appraised while also checking the ceilings, floors, edges for mold, decay, or rotting. Furthermore, also explore the attic and basement since these are often ignored.

Feeling Sick After Moving Into a New Apartment

A woman checking her temperature while lying in bed with a coffee cup in her hand

When you move into a new apartment there is a likelihood that you may catch a cold, or fall ill. This is usually because a new place is like a new environment which means that there can be new germs as well as microbes that your body is not yet used to. Therefore, your body just needs time to get adjusted to the new surroundings and you need to mentally adjust to a new home.

There is the mental pressure of preparing yourself to live in a new area. Relocating to a new home is a huge change that requires you to mentally prepare even if you are not aware of it. This can also add to you falling ill or homesick. Your mind and body may just need a chance to rest up and adjust to a new environment.  

Luckily there are several ways that you can combat these New House Blues before they hit you. Such as drinking a lot of water, taking vitamins, getting the right amount of rest as well as making sure you stick to a healthy diet with fiber and lots of nutrients. The latter is what many people tend to forget about, often opting for take-outs since it is seen as faster, but it is not healthier.

Lady vacuum cleaning a sofa in her new home

Another aspect that can make you feel sick in the new apartment is the unfamiliar pollen and dust that live in your new home. This can lead to allergies which further leads to sinuses and eyes getting irritated. In the worst case, it can lead to sinus infections causing redness, itchiness, and maybe even swelling. Major issues that no one ever wants to deal with regardless if it is due to a move.  

These too can be prevented. What you can do is dust (with a mask on if you are sensitive) and vacuum that new home, before you unpack. This can take out the old dust, and let the new/your ones come in. Furthermore, you can also change the air filters in your new home. Plus, if need be you should take allergy medication. However, speak to your doctor about it before you take anything just to be on the safe side. Also know your mattresses, like how long a mattress can last.

Also, when you are cleaning, and afterwards unpacking, make sure that you look after your hands. This is to avoid getting accidental cuts on them during both processes. You can wear gloves, or make sure that you wash them often while cleaning, unpacking and moving in. Plus, hand sanitizer can also do the trick.

Feeling Homesick After Moving to a New City

Woman sitting outside by stairs enjoying her life in the city on the sun

The above can also apply if you move to a new city. Depending on where you lived before, a city move can be a huge change for you and you can get the New House Blues or Moving Blues. Every city comes with its own character, people, surroundings, as well as pollution. Cities are known for being more polluted than small towns. The more people that live in the city the more pollution there is. 

Therefore, you should invest in an air purifier if you know this will be a problem for you. Another important aspect is to research if you can drink tap water. While bathing in it does not cause issues it is the digestive that does. Not all water is safe to drink even if it comes out of a tap.

This also applies to smaller towns, smaller cities, and other countries. Drinking water that you are not used to can cause a lot of problems, making you feel sick.  

When it comes to the change in environment allow yourself time to take it all in. Not all at once, but in small steps. Start with getting to know your area, and see where you can shop, drink coffee, etc. If there is a park, take a walk in it. Getting used to the city is the best way to combat the shock of it all, fight the Moving Blues. Plus, also have plenty of rest, eat healthily as well as take vitamins.  

If you feel homesick, remember that it is normal to feel so. You can handle the New House Blues with a couple of tricks. Reach out to family and friends to keep in touch with them. But, also go out to make new friends, be it at work or a social club. While you do have to get used to your new home, staying in it all the time will not be beneficial. Look after yourself not only in terms of physical but your mental health too.

Shyft Makes Long Distance Moving Easy

Getting Sick After Moving to a New Country

A woman under an umbrella, standing outside under cherry blossom trees

Moving to a new country is a lot to take in. However, before you make the move make sure that all your vaccinations are up to date as well as that you got the ones you need. These are not only to get you into the country but more importantly, to help keep you from falling sick after your move.  

There are a lot of changes moving from one country to another such as the change in time zones, hence jet lag, as well as the Culture Shock. The latter is a huge deal, and it will take some time to get used to everything as well as get into the flow of how it all works. There is a lot you have to learn by experience. Although you can do research online, keep in mind what you read online is from other people’s points of view.  

However, besides the Moving Blues or Cultural Shock, one serious thing that can come about with a huge move can be depression. This is a heavy one that will require treatment. Therefore, make sure you speak to someone who is a professional before you make the move. Also, stock up on antidepressants before you move. A new country has a lot going on, but it can feel as if it hits you all at once. From a new language, new location, modes of transportation, foods, social lives, shopping, etc.

Group of friends taking a selfie together celebrating their move to a new city

Keeping in touch with friends and family can help with this. That is what video chat and emails are for. As well as talking to a professional if need be. But, do not stay inside all the time. Go out, just to be outside. Enjoy the new world you moved to. Also, look out for social events on social media where you can also meet foreigners who are in the same boat as you (although they will not admit it). Make sure to look after yourself and reach out for help when you want to. And you will avoid the Moving Blues for sure. 

Depression is normal for someone who experienced a big move. Culture Shock is a real thing, as well as Moving Blues. You can read up on the culture of a country as much as you like, but it is totally different when you arrive there. It becomes more real, and often all at once. 

Take a mental step back, and go slowly. For example, get used to one thing at a time by putting your focus only on that, and not jumping ahead. Such as going shopping. The first part is focusing on transportation by enjoying the ride. Then it is going inside the store, and seeing what is there. Then buying what you need, etc. Finally, when you get home, relax, and breathe. Do something that you like, and that calms you. And eat well, sleep well (not too much), take vitamins, and take a bath or shower. The latter can be more for cleaning “your mind” than your body. As you adapt, make friends, take care of yourself, you will see the Moving Blues going away.

Face The Moving Blues with Shyft

Couple lying on a mattress on the floor while packing their stuff to move out of their place

However, there is a way that you can face the Moving Blues while organizing your move. And, that is by using the fintech company that specializes in organizing relocations known as Shyft. We take on all the organization that goes into a move so that you can have peace of mind while getting used to the idea of your new home. Furthermore, we are on call 24/7 (weekends and nights included) so whenever a concern creeps up you have someone to talk to.  

The process of moving starts with you reaching out via our short online form. From here your Move Coach will give you a video call through the free downloadable mobile app ShyftNext. This initial call happens when you say it does, putting the control right in your hands where it stays throughout the process with Shyft.  

During this call, you will meet your Move Coach who only works on your move. Furthermore, this is where they will take down your inventory list so that you do not need to worry about it. What is more, is that this list is sent to you for confirmation, half an hour after the ending of the call. Once the list is sent back to your Move Coach they take all your moving details and the list to Shyft’s secure bidding platform.  

Here is where experienced, licensed, moving companies come together to bid on moving projects. It is here where we gather three or more quotes from different movers to send your way. All the moving quotes are fixed, therefore, there are no surprise payments to throw you off track. And, you get to choose which mover to work with. As we said, control stays in your hands.

Fighting Marketplace Blues

Couple sitting on the floor of their new kitchen unpacking plates

Another great thing about working with us is that you also have access to our Home and Lifestyle Marketplace. This can be the cure for your shopping blues since there is a range of items on there. From mattresses to services such as dog walkers, and even mortgages, or storage units. Furthermore, if you order a physical item it will be delivered directly to your new home. This means that you do not have to worry about how to get it there by yourself.  

The best part is that every item, and service, in our marketplace comes with a discount. This is one of the ways that people who have worked with us in the past managed to save up to $600 on their moves.  

Plus, if you are a business owner looking to relocate your company, and employees then you can use the Shyft Card. It is a secure way to directly send relocation funds to all your employees while also keeping track of how the funds are being handled. Furthermore, we can also aid you with your company move. Every employee gets their own personal Move Coach to help with their moves. This means that there is no sharing letting the Move Manager focus on a particular employee’s moving process.

Do not let the moving blues get you down with Shyft by your side every step of the way. The idea of a company organizing your move for you can certainly take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

Couple unpacking clothes while sitting in their new bedroom