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What You Can Store in Storage Units

Monday, April 24, 2023
A man standing and holding a clipboard to write down the inventory list of things in his storage unit

Storage units can be a worthwhile investment when you do not have a lot of space in your home. Likewise, even if you do, you may just not want to be overwhelmed with everything all at once. Therefore, you may want to think about renting out a storage unit. As the name suggests, you store items in the unit. However, not everything is allowed to be stored. It is best to speak to the storage facility before you start using the units, to learn what is allowed, and what is not. Here is a guide for you, but it is always best to ask.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Storage Units

Man sitting in the great outdoors thinking about ways of storing all his extra possessions

If it is your first-time using a storage unit then you probably have the same types of questions as everyone else. Well, here we will give you a quick drive-by answer around just to get your reading juices flowing. And, if you have other questions that are not on the is list, then do not hesitate to reach out to a storage facility that has caught your eye. The more you know, the better you can prepare, and the better off you and your stored items will be.

Can I store a car in a storage unit? 

Yes, you can as long as there is enough space for it. This is a fairly common usage for storage units in the US. However, the car has to be registered as well as insured.

Best way to store clothes in a storage unit? 

You would want to get a hold of plastic containers with clip-on-lids, as well as plastic covers. Make sure that everything is dry and clean before you put your clothes in them. Also, you can add air freshens inside the containers to keep the clothes smelling desirable. As well as wooden cedar balls to keep the moisture out.  Put a name on the containers or keep a list of what went where for easier access. Plus, you should use a climate and temperature controlled storage unit for your best bet. This is a great idea for seasonal clothes that you would only use for about half the year.

How to store a mattress in a storage unit?

Clean and air out the mattress you want to store. Then wrap it with a plastic sheet all around it for protection. Find a climate and temperature controlled storage unit where there is enough space for the mattress to be laid flat. Not upright since this will damage the quality of the mattress making it uncomfortable for use. Also, do not store any items on top of the mattress. Maybe you can find a storage unit with floating shelves or make one as such?

Bird’s eye view of a woman lying on a mattress in the outdoors taking a picture of the sky

Can I store furniture in a storage unit? 

Yes, you can, and it would be best to go for a climate controlled storage unit. Make sure there is enough space for the furniture, that the furniture can be taken apart and everything is totally cleaned, and wrap all the items. Also, make sure there are no crumbs of food as well as that the items are lifted off the ground of the storage unit with cinder blocks.

How to store a couch in a storage unit?

As mentioned above, thoroughly clean your couch until it looks and feels brand new. Wrap all the loose items in soft blankets with either packing strips or bungee cords to keep everything in place, and remember to wrap around the base, and arm-rests of the couch. When placing the fully wrapped couch in the unit, leave about 10 cm from walls as breathing space for the couch.

 A dark couch  and a coffee table in styled storage unit with brick walls

Best way to store books in a storage unit?

You can use book storage bins or boxes that are designed to store books. Make sure that the books are cleaned, and that they are faced down with something between every book like a paper towel. This will distribute the weight of the books while also not damaging the covers. Make sure the bin or box has a lid and that the storage unit is dry. 

A person pouring some wine for a wine tasting in front of barriers in storage

Can you store alcohol in a storage unit? 

Yes, if it is wine, spirits, or anything that is drinkable and legal. 

Can you store electronics in a storage unit? 

Yes, you can but make sure that there are no CDs, DVDs, ink cartridges, etc. inside the items, and make sure that the cables are not broken or open.


Again, always speak to the facility supervisor to get all the information you need when it comes to what is allowed and not allowed in a storage unit. As well as to get the know-how on how to store the items.

What Is Allowed to Be Stored in Storage Units

A man standing on the beach, smiling and holding two thumbs upas a sign of approval

As you have gathered in order to store something in a storage unit it would have to be well cleaned, well packed, and looked after when going into storage. With that being said here is the list of commonly stored items:

  • Artworks. Such as paintings or sculptures, but make sure they are wrapped up and packed well in the unit so as not to cause them damage.
  • Collectibles and antiques. Although, it is suggested that you do not store anything of personal or a lot of economic value in the case of theft or damage. 
  • Electronics and appliances such as stoves, ovens, refrigerators, etc.
  • Home decor
  • Sports equipment and musical instruments
  • Photography
  • Newspapers and books
  • Mattress, clothes, and drinkable alcohol 
  • Cars with their tires on. Storing tires separating is not allowed since this is a fire hazard and the facility can see steep disposal fees with only carless ties in their storage units.  

While we are on the subject…

What is Not Allowed to Be Stored in Storage Units

A man in reading glasses standing against a white wall holding a thumbs down as a sign of disapproval

The items that are not allowed in storage are:

  • Food- As you guessed it can perish, become moist and wet, as well as invite insects and/ or rodents to have a feast while making a mess. Even in climate and temperature controlled locked up tight storage units these little creatures always get in.
  • Hazardous materials such as paint, oil, acid, propane tanks, acetone, fireworks, fertilizer, paint thinner, chlorine bleach, grease, kerosene, compressed gas, gasoline, turpentine, radioactive materials and pure alcohol that can catch a light. Also, household chemicals. 
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Items that are living or dead. Such as plants, animals, human ashes, etc. 
  • Items that are wet such as scuba gear, surfboards, and any other water sport activity items.
  • Money. It is best to put it in a bank to protect against theft and damage much like personal or a lot of economic value items such as collectibles or antiques. 
  • Furs. This is due to the fact that furs need very special requirements to be met and it is better to look for a storage unit facility that specializes in only storing fur. 
  • Illegal material as well as stolen goods. The facility workers will find out and have to report it to the police.

We cannot stress enough that you would have to speak to the storage unit facility supervisor to know what you are allowed to store in their facility. These are just the basic and general items that are allowed and not allowed. Every storage unit facility can have their own set of requirements.  

Also, make sure that you measure the items you want to store so that you can find a unit with more than enough space for it to breathe, as well as for you to get around if need be. And, do not over crowd your storage unit since that can also damage the items.

Looking to Move? Or Need Advice with Storage Units? Ask Shyft

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Looking for advice when it comes to storage can go hand in hand with getting help with your moving experience. That is where the world’s first tech-driven moving platform, Shyft, comes in. Shyft can organize your entire moving experience, and even give you advice on storage units if you ask super nicely.  

To get in touch with Shyft all you have to do is hop on to our easy-to-navigate website. On the front page there is a short form for you to fill out. Do not worry this is a secure form. Once we get a notification that you want us to call you, one of our Move Coaches will get right on it. This call will only be done at the time that you say you want it to be done. Saving you time, and letting you plan your day around the call, or to plan the call around your day.  

The call is a video call that will happen through the free, easy-to-use mobile app called Shyft Next. It does not take up too much space on your mobile, as well as working on both iOS and Android devices. This initial call is where you can ask your Move Coach every single question you have about the process, as well as advice if need be.  

Furthermore, it is through this app that your Move Coach will create your inventory list. This is done by you giving a virtual tour of your current location without the Move Coach needing to step foot into your home. Depending on the size of the home, the average virtual tour may take up to half an hour. Plus, your inventory list will be sent to you within half an hour from the end of this initial video call. 

The Inventory List and More

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The inventory list is already 95% accurate. However, you get to make it 100% accurate by reviewing the list. This means that you can add items that may have been missed, remove some that you have changed your mind on. Also, you can leave notes on certain items if you believe that the moving company needs to know.  

While we are on the subject… 

You will send this updated inventory list to your Move Coach, and they will present it, along with only your moving information, to a group of moving companies. This is done through Shyft’s secure moving board where experienced and Shyft-approved moving companies gather to bid on moving projects. Yours can join the list and the companies only know about your move, none of your personal details.  

When the bidding process is complete, we collect three or more moving quotes. Every moving quote is fixed, meaning what you see is what you pay even if your inventory list were to change. Plus, there are no hidden costs. Each moving quote comes from a different moving company. You will get the quotes as well as information about the different movers so that you can make an informed decision on which one to work with.  

Through Shyft Next you can compare and contrast the movers. When you have decided which is the moving company for you, you let your Move Coach know, and they will lock down that particular mover straight away before they get taken by someone else. 

There is More Than Just Relocation

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If you are in the market of relocating your business and thereby relocating your employees, why not check out what we have to offer in this regard? You can also get in touch with us if you want to know a bit more.  

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