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How to Work From Anywhere and Stay Productive

Monday, March 27, 2023
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Remote work and working from anywhere can be great for those that want more of a sense of control over their time. You can work where you want and when you want. This can open you up to other activities and take on more projects since you would not have someone standing over you, and watching your every move. While this is a freeing idea it can also lead to a lack of motivation often lowing productivity. While you are not working from an office you still have to act like you are to get your tasks done on time without the stress building up.

Why Do Remote Workers Lose Focus and Motivation?

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Working from home outside of an office environment means that you are in charge and responsible for your own time and you can work from anywhere. While this is true, in an office setting there is a difference in that you are surrounded by people who are working. This alone motivates you to work since everyone else is. It is inspiring in that way.

However, when you are remote working then you no longer have the company of others to motivate you. This can be the main reason that motivation and productivity tend to drop among people who work from home. Keeping yourself on target by yourself is not at all an easy task. Plus, the hours can pass by without you even noticing. 

Furthermore, there is always something else to do, watch, read, research, or see. Getting distracted is very common be it by yourself or even due to your family. Very few people can pull off being continuously productive by themselves, and if you are one of them consider yourself extremely lucky. For the rest here are some tips and tricks to help you keep on schedule.

Schedule Your Remote Working Hours

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While you are working remotely you are more in control of your time and can make your own working schedule, this means that you HAVE TO make your own timetable. As well as, obviously, stick to it. The latter is easier said than done while the former is easy to do but hard to stick to. Therefore, it would be advisable for you to treat your remote work as you would an office. But, just with a little more flexibility. 

Make a schedule where you wake up, get ready, and make your way to your workstation to get the workday started. What is more, you will also need to decide what you are going to do and when. While working remotely you still have to do your other responsibilities such as cleaning, laundry, taking the dog for a walk, etc. The freedom of remote work lets you schedule these chores at a time that better suits you. But, the working hours still have to be done.

Also, keep in mind that a clean space means a clean mind. When it comes to organizing your tasks there can be a few ways you can go about it. If you have multiple projects, you can organize them in terms of priorities. As in which one is the closest deadline. Then you can either work on one task a day or break it down into smaller parts.

However, if there is a task that is tougher than the rest or one that you are not too familiar with, then you should start this one as soon as you can. If you lose focus or freak out, you can always move to another task for a bit to kind of give you the motivation to keep going. If you finish the easier task, then the tougher one is even more doable.

Either way, you must make a schedule that suits your style of working. Some people can work for hours without a break while others have to take a walk around to refresh their brains. Make a timetable that suits your progress, but do not forget to take time for breaks and lunch.

Keep in mind that if you prefer to work in a co-workspace or a coffee shop, then you should also account for the travel time of getting there. And, this can also help you to better organize your schedule since you would want to get to your workspace before someone else takes it. Particularly in a coffee shop.

Sort Out Your Desktop and Your Workspace

A man working remotely in coffee shop with his laptop open and a cup of coffee in his hands

Another way to boost your productivity while working from anywhere is by tidying up your desktop and your workspace. If you are working in a co-workspace, then this can be a touch easier since the space is already clean and empty for you to plant and get to work. A coffee shop is much the same except a bit louder. The issue can come in if you work from home.

This means that you would have to have a space that is only for your work or to turn a space into a work area. As in if you live in a small apartment then you can turn your coffee table into an offer space by rearranging its surface. Also, it is important to know where your equipment is so that you can get to it quickly. This can be neat and tidy or organized chaos, or even somewhere in between. It is your workspace, and it is meant to work for you.

Another thing about cleaning up is making sure your desktop is clean of dust. As in the physical one that your computer or equipment is placed on. Furthermore, you would also want to make sure your desktop on the computer is organized too. As in the files. And folders are named so that you can just click them straight away. This is a great habit to get into. It can help you stay on top of your work.

Also, keep a calendar of sorts so that you are aware of when your deadlines are coming. The sooner you start working the better off you will be. You can even do a bit a day to decrease the workload before D-day.

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Keep Your Communication Skills Up

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Another way to keep your mind in the working loop is by keeping the channels of communication open. This can mean speaking to your other remote working colleagues online through Slack, Discord, or any other platform. You should also check in with your team via Zoom about once a week or a month to keep the motive up.

Also, keep the lines of communication open with your client or boss. This is so that when you have an issue or are running late you can reach out to them and let them know. Furthermore, it can also give you the “fear” of being checked in on. While the two of you are not in the same space, the idea that receiving a message from your boss with the simple words of “What is happening” is enough to get you going. But, if you stay on top of your workload you will not have to worry about anything.

And, if there is a change of plans then you will be informed right away about it so you can switch gears.

Off Time Means Log Off

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Working remotely while keeping your motivation and productivity up is a wonderful experience and there are many ways you can achieve this with scheduling, a neat space, and keeping in touch. However, it is also important to keep your work and private life separate. This can become difficult when you work where you sleep. 

But, it is necessary to keep your weekends as that, and when you are not working, to be logged off. As in not getting any notifications about work. If it is that important, they will call you. Also, do not check your emails after your working hours. That is another purpose of the schedule in that you work out when to work, and when your off time will be.

Shyft Can Help You Move to Your New Remote Work Home

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Now that you have a better idea of how to streamline your productivity for remote locations including your own home, you can now decide if you want to move to your dream remote “office space.” Or if you just want to see another part of the world. Well, you would have to move there to feel the experience of living elsewhere while still keeping up with your remote workload. To get to your dream working home you should check out the world’s first tech-driven moving platform known as Shyft. We are a service that offers to organize your entire moving process for you.

All you have to do is to get in touch with us through our easy-to-use website, Shyft Moving. You fill out the short form and one of our top Move Coaches will contact you. This will be a video call that is done through ShyftNext. This is a free-to-download mobile app, and your Move Coach will only call you at the time that you say. No later, no earlier.

Plus, it is also during this call that they will take down and create your inventory list. All you have to do is give them a virtual tour around your current home. This list is 95% accurate. And, your Move Coach will answer any question that you have as well as give more information about what Shyft has to offer. The inventory list is sent to you within half an hour from the end of this first call. Here is where you can add to the list, remove items from it, and even make notes.

The Next Steps to Your Remote Work Dream Location

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When your Move Coach receives your list back with your satisfaction, they will take it, along with only your moving details (zero personal ones) to Shyft’s secure bidding platform where only professional, verified and experienced moving companies come to bid on moving projects such as yours.

This is where we will gather three or more moving quotes where each one is from a different company. It is these quotes along with information about the different companies that are sent to you. You decide the one to make your move come true. What is more, is that all the moving quotes are fixed. Meaning what you see is what you will pay for the moving process to be completed.

Furthermore, Shyft is there for you every step of the way. You can reach out to us every day of the week and even over the weekends. And, we also want to point out the Home & Lifestyle tab on our site. It is our marketplace where you can buy a range of different items from furniture, and office supplies for your home office, to services such as dog walkers, mortgages, and even storage, etc.

Plus, all the items and the services come with a discount. You save money, and if you order an item to be delivered, it will be delivered to your new home, not the current one. This will also save you a lot of money when it comes to the moving process.

With Shyft’s moving organizing skills and your new know-how to be more productive while remote working, you will be unstoppable in your new home. So, contact us today, and get ready to keep on your workload from home.

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