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Worst Days to Move - The Shyft Theory About Moving Day

Monday, March 27, 2023
A young couple carrying moving cardboard boxes while moving out of their house

Moving is more about planning than it is about packing. Certainly so if you want to save money, and to be fair, who does not? Anyway, when it comes to making moves you would have to decide your moving day. Everything else is a build-up to it. Moving on to the worst days can lose you a fair amount of money. And, we are here to tell you which days are the worst ones of the week to make your moving day. 

Which Moving Season to Avoid

Before we jump into the worst day to move, let’s break it down from the top. A build-up if you will. Seasons can indicate when something is at its peak. As in when the cost of a product or a service is more when compared to the other seasons. This notion also applies to the moving season.

You would have to take into account the prices of moving company services. They tend to boost their prices by about 30 percent or more during the moving season. And the winner of the worst season for moving is… summer. This is due to school being out, meaning that families have time to move. And this creates a demand.  

While the summer weather offers a lot of benefits, moving is not really one of them. Not only are movers’ prices higher, but due to them being in demand they may have to cancel your move if they get a better offer during the moving season. What is more, is that due to the influx of people moving, it can mean that you are more likely to end up using an inexperienced mover. This may result in broken or lost items.  

And, it is hot. Therefore, the worst months to move are between May to August, with the top being July.

A close up of a monthly calendar on a wooden desk with a hand holding a pen point at a right date for a move

How To Avoid Worst Moving Day

Let’s narrow it down to a moving day. But, this can be a bit tricky since it does depend on your schedule. However, there is a sort of rule of thumb when it comes to avoiding certain days for moving. And, those days are usually over the weekend. That is because people are, obviously, not at work and therefore, can move out of their current home. 

And, many people usually have families, usually meaning kids. Kids go to school. Therefore, the moving day has to fit into their schedule as well.  

While some moving companies may not charge more for a weekend, you may be lucky to find one that is free. Furthermore, delivery or pick-up on a Sunday, in particular, may result in you paying extra.   

Get Your Free Moving Quotes With Shyft 

Plus, there are also certain days in the months that are not too ideal to be your moving days. These are at the end of one month till the start of the other. We mean you can move on those days, but it will cost you a bit more. That is because moving companies are usually the busiest either increasing their prices or being hard to find.  

Therefore, we can gather that the worst day to move would be over the weekend at the end of July (peak season: summer). We are putting out the theory that Sunday is the worst day to move when compared to Saturday. This is due to costs of pick-ups and delivery being increased usually. And, the following day is Monday, meaning that, depending on your timing, you may have work or school. This means that unpacking would be an issue, certainly after moving.  

A close up of a hand holding up an hourglass with black sand in it symbolizing the time needed for a move

Plus, the time you move also matters! Think of it this way, in the morning the movers have more energy. However, in the evening they have less meaning that mistakes can happen due to tiredness. And, it is dark at night which is a bit of a pain for traveling.  

To round off, the worst day to move is Sunday, at the end of July or August 1st if it falls on a Sunday, during the dead of night. Again, we are just throwing our suggestions out there. 

How to Avoid the Worst Day to Move? 

If you want to avoid having your moving day land upon our idea of the worst one, or someone else’s moving experience, or your own, then book your move now. The earlier you book your move the more likely you are to avoid the worst moving day in the season.  

However, this is if you have the option to choose your moving day. Some people cannot help but move on bad moving days. Usually during summer when they have more free time, either being off work or school is closed. If you are in this beach house, then there is a way you can avoid the worst day to move.  

 A couple taking a break from packing up cardboard boxes to sit on the couch and talk about the moving day

Try to book your moving day during the week. While your kids are on summer break, you can use this to your advantage to book a midweek move. And, you can also make sure that it is early in the morning when the movers have more energy. Also, aim to book the moving day in the middle of the month, as well as to avoid July.  

As we have mentioned at the very start, moving is more about planning than packing! Therefore, plan your move day according to the off-peak moving seasons, months, days, and hours. This will save you a lot of money as well as give you a bit more safety during the move.  

Avoid the Worst Moving Day Possible by Using Shyft

Sometimes you cannot choose which days to move, and that is, unfortunately. But, you can always choose who can help you with your move. Be it family, friends, or Shyft.  

Shyft is a fintech company that specializes in moving organizations. You can view them as your personal moving organizer willing to virtually run around and do everything for you. And, it is so easy to reach them. All you have to do is go on to their site and fill out a very short, and simple form. From there, their work begins.  

Young couple labeling moving cardboard boxes for their moving day

Shyft will appoint you a Move Assistant. This is a real-life person who will guide you through your entire move. What is more is that you can reach out to them whenever you have a query regardless of the hour of the day, including weekends.  

The first thing your Move Assistant will do is to contact you through the free downloadable app, ShyftNext for a video call. This is done when you say it is done, not when they think it should happen. During this call, you get to see and ask your Move Assistant any question you have. Furthermore, it is also during this call that they will take down your inventory list so you do not have to.  

When the call is concluded they will send you your list within half an hour to check everything on it. When you are happy with the list, and no item has been left behind, you can let them know. With your list and moving details in hand, your Move Assistant will take the next step.  

This means that they will show your moving details to their secure bidding platform in order to find you an experienced, legitimate moving company. They will collect over three quotes, which are guaranteed, and send them to you. All you have to do is decide which mover is the best one to work with.  

Plus, while you are waiting for this to happen, it will not take too long, you can check out Shyft’s marketplace.Here is where you can find a lot of items. Do you want new furniture? It is there. Insurance? Also on the site. Food delivery for when you move into your new home? It is on the marketplace. What is more, is that every item comes with a discount.

As well as direct delivery to your new home. That is right, you would not have to worry about moving your new stuff since they are doing it for you.  

People that have gone with Shyft in the past have had pleasant experiences. As well as saving up to $600 on their move. You see Shyft looks for the best prices regardless of the day of the season. And, Shyft does not charge a fee for their services.   

Three people happily jumping in the air in the snow after completing their move

However, that is not all. Shyft not only wants to do personal moves such as with individuals or families but also with businesses. If you are a business owner with plans for moving your employees for better opportunities, then Shyft has you covered. Shyft will appoint a Move Assistant to every one of your employees. 

Furthermore, you also have access to a Shyft Card. A Shyft Cards grants you the ability to directly transfer relocation allowances to all your employees in a secure manner. And, with its easy-to-use interface, you can keep track of what and where the funds are going.  

So while you are planning which day in which season to move, send Shyft a message to help you with everything. They have the best intentions to make sure your transit is safe, fast, as well as not over your budget. All while reducing your stress. 

A woman hugging her man with her new house keys in her hand