Freedom to connect to employees in ways that are meaningful

Remote work or hybrid office? Benefits are more important than ever in differentiating you as an employer.

Shyft Card can help your organization distribute relocation benefits and work from home stipends.

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Freedom to connect to employees in ways that are meaningful

Remote work or hybrid office? Benefits are more important than ever in differentiating you as an employer.

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Your Passport to a World of Benefits

Shyft Card is the key to the #1 moving marketplace where our customers are instantly connected to their company, funds and incredible discounts.

ShyftCard, the Shyft’s instant online payments card
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Shyft helps your team save time, minimize errors and make each day at work feel less like working.

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Life is complicated, benefits shouldn’t be. Employees receive benefits instantly.

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Remote work sometimes happens outside traditional working hours and we’re here for you, every hour of every day.

This is the evolution
of community

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Bring your community of employees together through the seamless experience of Shyft benefits.

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is Freedom

Shyft app helps your organization enhance employee engagement and improve productivity. We give you the freedom to offer benefits equally and to all employees, on an easy-to-use app.

  • Access to Benji - your assistant
  • Exclusive discounts from our partners
  • Instant in-app payments and purchases
Shyft’s AI virtual assistant Benji showing the ShyftCard for online payments

Benji makes every move safe, secure and fun.

Access Up To $1,000
in Benefits Annually

Our virtual marketplace of verified vendors gives our community exclusive access to unique discounts. There is no need for cash. Every payment is made on the app, which enables consumers to track their benefit amount and spending - in real time.

Trust Shyft Card to take care of your employees.

Relocate employees and distribute benefits quickly and simply.

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