Corporate relocation? Moving for work?

A 30-minute video chat is all we need to deliver multiple pricing options - from verified movers. And we manage the entire move - at no cost to you.

Why choose Shyft for your corporate relocation?

Moving with Shyft is an experience, not a chore. We take care of the entire experience - from start to settling into your new home. With Shyft:

There's no paperwork, no home visits, no stress.

An accurate inventory means that your prices don’t change at a later date.

We have vetted every moving company, so no nasty surprises mid move.

Moves done
Customer satisfaction
Accurate pricing

Here’s How It Works

You Choose the Time

Schedule a FREE move consultation at a time that suits you – your Move Coach is available 24/7 and everything is done online.

Meet Your Move Coach

No paperwork, no home visits; just one 30-min video call with your Move Coach to find the best and lowest prices.

Enjoy a Stress Free Move

Get multiple custom quotes from trusted movers. Shyft will manage your entire move for a stress-free experience.

Shyft gives you the moving experience that you deserve

24/7 Availability

We arrange everything, you just move. And we’re here, around the clock, to address your questions and concerns.

Trusted Network of Movers

Our movers go through a thorough vetting process, so you know that your belongings are safe throught their journey.

No Hidden Fees

Shyft’s prices don’t change - what you’re quoted is what you’ll pay. There are no hidden fees or extra costs.

What Our Customers Have to Say

We can help you with pretty much everything.

Moving your belongings




Settling in Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Shyft services cost?

Shyft services are free for the consumer - and can be used with no obligation.
There are no costs, no hidden fees - just an excellent service and transparent pricing.

What does my Move Coach do apart from the initial consultation?

Your Shyft Move Coach takes care of your entire relocation experience - in addition to finding a mover for your household goods, your Move Coach will advise you about the best relocation type for your budget. In addition, your Move Coach can help you find a new home, a laundry service and even a yoga studio.

What happens during a contactless video estimate?

Your Move Coach will complete a short video chat with you, during which you’ll guide them through your house and the belongings that you want to move. In less than 30-minutes, they will extract a the entire inventory list, which will be used in finding movers; hence, you will not have multiple people in your home.

Do I communicate with Shyft or with the movers directly?

Shyft is always your point of contact; however, your moving company may sometimes send you updates. Don’t worry, we’re still taking care of your move - so please keep the conversation between us.

What are the Covid-19 protocols followed by the movers?

Please be assured that we take every precaution to ensure your safety; however, every company has their own COVID-19 protocols. Please let your Move Coach know your concerns so that we can try to address them.

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