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You got the place—now it’s time to make it yours. Settle in with a moving service you can count on, with help from our friends at Shyft.

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Findigs has teamed up with Shyft

Findigs has partnered with Shyft to make moving easy and stress-free. Shyft’s unique digital-first approach delivers more convenience, and total confidence, from now until moving day.

Shyft’s verified moving services feature some of the nation’s highest-rated pros, and your personal Move Coach will be there oversee the entire process from door to door.

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Shyft delivers a smarter moving experience

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Let Shyft’s Move Coach do a quick video survey and create your inventory virtually, without ever entering your home.

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Whether it’s a full-service move, or some DIY support, Shyft offers you trusted solutions based on your precise item list and distance.

Move Now, Pay Later

Pay for your move over time with Shyft’s installment payment option. Just select “Move Now, Pay Later” when choosing your quote.

Plan to stay protected

Shyft offers comprehensive insurance coverage for your move, specifically designed for the home moving industry. Claim settlements are fair, accurate, and fast.

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