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Shyft is the world’s first tech-driven moving marketplace that's making moving as easier and more stress free than ever. Enjoy the experience of starting a new life and job in a new city, without the stress that normally comes with moving.

We’re available 24/7

Shyft  will organize and  oversee your move. Have questions? Your Move Assistant is available, around the clock, to take care of your requirements.

Trusted network of movers

Shyft only works with moving companies and suppliers that are industry accredited and have passed our stringent requirements, so you know your belongings are in safe hands.

No hidden fees

Get multiple moving quotes and know what you’re paying for. Shyft's prices don't change unless your move changes in size or destination. There are no hidden fees or extra costs

Meet your dedicated Move Assistant

Every Shyft customer is assigned a dedicated Move Assistant who will organize their move.

Every move begins with a short video chat with your Move Assistant, who will find out about your moving preferences and budget. Your Move Assistant will conduct a virtual walk through your home to extract an inventory list, and use it to source multiple pricing options from verified moving companies.  

Your move organized in 4 simple steps

We’ll coordinate your entire move, and make sure that your belongings get safely and securely from A to B.

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Shyft’s patented technology ensures that your move is accurately priced

During our video chat, your Move Assistant will guide you through your home and extract an inventory list with 95% accuracy - this means that the price you’re quoted is usually the price you’ll pay.

Discounts on exceptional services with Shyft’s Moving Marketplace

Shyft is the key to the #1 moving marketplace. It’s the only place where you can organize your entire move and the services you need in your new home over one, short video chat. Shyft’s virtual marketplace of verified vendors gives our community exclusive access to unique discounts. It’s your gateway to a world of benefits.

AARP Members

get up to $250 off

AARP members receive an exclusive discount of up to $250 for every move. There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Members have access to a dedicated Shyft Move Manager, who will work with them to ensure a stress free moving experience by connecting them with verified Moving Companies.

Move Now, Pay Later

Gone are the days of paying in full for your move! With Shyft, you can now Move Now, Pay Later through our partnership with Affirm. Simply choose to Move Now, Pay Later when you pick your moving quote - it really is that easy.

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August 9, 2022

How The Moving Industry Has Changed With Moving Apps

The moving industry has certainly changed with the times, thanks to the advantages that technology brings particularly when it comes to mobile apps and softwares. The moving process has been streamlined for customers' experience and satisfaction by moving apps and moving softwares. Let’s see how much the moving world has changed, and how moving help apps are beneficial to help you with your moving process.

August 4, 2022

Furniture Must-Haves When Moving in 2022

2022 is the year of design, certainly so when it comes to interior furniture design. The way to decorate your space can have a positive, as well as considerable impact on the rest of the year ahead. And, it is never too late to hop on the latest furniture design trends of 2022 before the year is out. It can even bleed into the next year as well if fashion is any indication.

August 2, 2022

Relocation Bonus Taxes: Are Relocation Expenses Taxable?

Relocation expenses are when a company covers some of, if not all of the costs of moving an employee to their new working location on behalf of the company. But, the question arises: are these relocation expenses taxable income for the employee?

July 28, 2022

What You Can’t Relocate With The Moving Company

There are certain rules when it comes to packing certain items for a moving company to relocate from your current home to your new home. The thing is that moving companies cannot relocate everything that you want to bring with you. Here is the ultimate moving guide to what you have to dispose of, leave behind, and how and what to pack for professional movers.

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Access to thousands of pre-qualified and verified bid opportunities. Shipments are posted hourly, and include size, distance and budget. Most movers book their first customer within 2 days of onboarding.