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Vital statistics

Average Home Price

545,000 USD

Cost of living/National Average

> 12%

Average Salary

72,000 USD

Average Rental Price per Month

1,451 USD

Average Commute Time

46.11 minutes

Annual  temperature

22 - 89 ᐤF

Modern Old West

Denver is a city that goes as far back as the old West, but with a lot of modern upgrades since then and for a long while. There are several 19th-century buildings, many museums as well as being seen as the jumping-off point for ski resorts since it is quite close to the Rocky Mountains.

Denver’s Secret Sauce

  • For lovers of natural views then check out the Mount Evans Scenic Byway where you can drive up to it instead of hiking. 
  • Catch new or old artworks at the Denver Art Museum where it hosts over 70,000 different works of art in two buildings. 
  • And you can watch live shows or film screenings at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre which uses a natural amphitheater design, made of red sandstone.
  • Baseball fans can catch games at Coors Field, and during the off-season, they can take their chances with speed pitches, or video batting cages.

Cost of the essentials

When it comes to living in Denver, a highlight, besides out to do, and the city itself, is that it is lower than the national average in terms of housing, utilities, and groceries, with 10 percent, 9 percent, and 12 percent, respectively.

156.76 USD / month

Energy bill / month

167.10 USD / month

Phone bill / month

6 USD / 0.5 liters

Domestic beer

3.26 USD

Loaf of Bread

8.50 USD

McDonalds Meal

Things You Can Do in The Mile-High City

Denver is not short when it comes to activities for the whole family to enjoy, as well as places to see and use.

Sports Venues