It’s time to shyft to

New York

Vital statistics

Average Home Price

63,998 USD

Cost of living/National Average

> 129%

Average Salary

32,320 USD

Average Rental Price per Month

5.100 USD

Average Commute Time

48 minutes

Annual  temperature

28 - 85 °F

The Allure Of The Empire State

New York is a city known for its night and theater life. But, did you know that New York is filled with diversity where you can hear up to 200 languages, other than English? Also, it is heaven for bird lovers where you can catch up to 275 types of birds in the central park alone.

New York’s Secret Sauce

  • Well, this may not be a secret to New Yorkers, but it could be unknown to the rest of the world. Honking is illegal, but people still do it regardless of the fine.
  • 380 thousand millionaires are living currently in the city that never sleeps. Hey, what else can you do if not sleep? 
  • If you decide to become a homeowner then you can request that the city plant a tree outside your home for free
  • And for snow lovers, New York gets about 15 times more snow than the South Pole. 

Cost of the essentials

Living in New York will require a lot of money, since housing (369 percent), utilities (25 percent), and groceries (28 percent) are higher than the national average. But, it will be worth it for the thrill, and the gain of the city.

210.08 USD / month

Energy bill / month

223.94 USD / month

Phone bill / month

7. 81 USD/ 0.5 liters

Domestic beer

4.27 USD

Loaf of Bread


McDonalds Meal

Things You Can Do in The Big Apple

New York is known for its busy nightlife, and theater scene, but there is also a lot to do during the day. Outside of working.

Broadway Theaters
Off-Broadway Theaters
Small Businesses
Retail Shops