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Vital statistics

Average Home Price

673,874 USD

Cost of living/National Average

> 49%

Average Salary

66,834 USD

Average Rental Price per Month

2,111 USD

Average Commute Time

28.4 minutes

Annual  temperature

37 - 79 °F

Living In City Of The Space Needle

There are plenty of reasons to move to Seattle, from its evergreen surroundings to its above-average incomes. While Seattle is viewed as being a rainy city, this can be great for those that love the clean air after a light rain. And, there is also a community feel when it comes to the different neighborhoods that inhabit this city.

Settle’s Secret Sauce

  • The University District, which is great for students to live in while they do their studies. There are many educationally focused communities such as Brooklyn Addition, University Park, University Heights, and Greek Row. 
  • Tech-specific and STEM-related fields are huge in Seattle, where you can find everything from tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft to new start-ups making it big. 
  • The Space Needle is a much-loved attraction to the city that can highlight its future. 
  • The summers are wonderful with their low humidity and high temperatures.

Cost of the essentials

While Seattle is a wonderful city to live in, keep in mind that it is also fairly expensive with everything being higher than the national average such as housing expenses (94 percent higher), utility prices (23 percent higher), and groceries (27 percent higher).

206.39 USD / month

Energy bill / month

220.00 USD / month

Phone bill / month

6 USD / 0.33 liters

Domestic beer

3.66 USD

Loaf of Bread

11 USD

McDonalds Meal

Things You Can Do in The Emerald City

Outside of the gorgeous architecture, and neighborhoods that are in the city, there is so much more to Seattle when it comes to activities, shopping, and the likes.

Coffee Shops