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Vital statistics

Average Home Price

3,983.25 USD / per square meter


Euros (€)

Average Salary

49,991.90 USD

Average Rental Price per Month

1,012.78 USD

Average Commute Time

40 minutes

Annual  temperature

32 - 75 °F

Living In The Land of Sausages and Oktoberfest

Germany is filled with many hard-working, and talented people who know how to drink beer, and eat sausages. Furthermore, there are also plenty of good job opportunities, low crime rates, as well as a great public transport system that many would dream about.

Germany’s Secret Sauce

  • If beer drinking is your thing, then try out over 1 500 flavors of the liquid bread
  • Certain fingers mean certain things in the pub, such as a thumbs up means you want one beer, while a finger up mean you want two beers
  • You better improve your driving skills since 65 percent of highways do not have a speed limit
  • Since 2014, you can study at a public German university where you all would have to pay a small administration fee and other costs but not tuition. This is also for non-German students

Cost of the essentials

The land of the Germans can cost about 850 euros per month (999.84 USD) for the average cost of living.

263.73 USD

Energy bill / month

38.26 USD

Internet bill / month

4.11 USD / 0.5 liters

Domestic beer

1.55 USD

Loaf of Bread

9.39 USD

McDonalds Meal

Not to Miss in The Land of Good Beer

  • The architecture in Germany is a fairytale come true with its  2100 castles where everyone looks and is different. Such as the Heidelberg Palace or the Neuschwanstein Castle. 
  • Take a walk down the world’s narrowest street in Reutlingen, called Spreuerhofstrasse that is 31 cm (1 foot) wide at its narrowest point.
  • The Brandenburg Gate has a huge history behind it, that we do not want to spoil. What we can say is that it was built in 1788 on the orders of Prussian king Frederick William II, and looks like a gate to Heaven.