It’s time to shyft to

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Vital statistics

Average Home Price

1,197,937.40 USD


Dirham (AED)

Average Salary

3,623 USD

Average Rental Price per Month

13,600 USD

Average Commute Time

39.32 minutes

Annual  temperature

76 - 118 °F

Living Among The Skyscrapers

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) has so much to offer from its modern skyscrapers, desert and mountainous terrain that make up about 90 percent of the land, and more importantly its tourism as well as international business. Half the population living in the UAE is made up of expats.

The UAE’s Secret Sauce

  • There are two gigantic shopping malls: the Dubai Mall which houses 1,200 shops, an ice rink, and an underwater zoo and an ice rink. The Mall of the Emirates, has an indoor ski slope, along with 100 and more restaurants and cafes as well as 7,900 parking spaces
  • The UAE has the longest driverless metro system with a total of 46.35 miles (over 74.59 km) of track. Plus, the temperature is a cool constant of 68°F in the station.
  • The weekend is from Thursday to Saturday since Friday is a Holy day in Islam 
  • Countless women-only facilities also include separate metro carriages and ladies’ taxis

Cost of the essentials

The cost of living in the UAE can fetch you up to 846.67 USD.

160.66 USD

Energy bill / month

97.71 USD

Internet bill / month

10.89 USD / 0.5 liters

Domestic beer

1.21 USD

Loaf of Bread

6.93 USD

McDonalds Meal

Not To Miss in the Land of the Biggest, Brightest, and Tallest

  • Check out the Guinness World Record breaker for the world's deepest swimming pool for diving called Deep Dive Dubai
  • Dubai's Burj Khalifa, their sky-high landmark is the tallest building at 830 m
  • The mash-up of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design that created Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque