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United Kingdom (UK)

Vital statistics

Average Home Price

345,443.92 USD


Pounds Sterling (£)

Average Salary

43,646.63 USD

Average Rental Price per Month

1,427.56 USD

Average Commute Time

58.4 minutes

Annual  temperature

43 - 56 °F

Living In The Land of The Royals

The United Kingdom (UK) is known for many things, and it is a country worth living in. It is full of interesting history, amazing, and “out there” theater, and the cool weather, that a lot of people grow to love. Furthermore, there are several fantastic universities and schools, making it a country for children to grow up in.

The UK’s Secret Sauce

  • In King’s Cross you should check out the British Library which has over 170 million items in it, making it the largest library in the world
  • There over 1 100 theaters in the UK from small ones like the Theatre of Small Convenience which can only seat 12 people, independent ones, to huge musical venues, such as the Old Vic that seats 1000 people 
  • If you like to have a taste beer, and listen to the local music then you have a choice between 47, 200 pubs and counting, where which one has their own vibe and personality such as the The Andover Arms
  • Their public transportation is the oldest, and largest in the world boosting up to 270 functioning stations  as well as 400 escalators of the London Underground, not to mention the countless numbers of taxis, and businesses

Cost of the essentials

The UK is known for being rather pricey depending on where you live, however, the average cost of living is about £651 (907 USD) without paying for rent.

213.26 USD

Energy bill / month

42.83 USD

Internet bill / month

5.18 USD / 0.5 litres

Domestic beer

1.35 USD

Loaf of Bread

8.29 USD

McDonalds Meal

Not to Miss in The Historical and Modern UK

  • See Buckingham Palace from its wonderful architecture, to the well-kept gardens, and the strict-looking guards, in London  
  • Check out the strange, yet magical wonder that is Stonehenge which is said to be created in around 3000 BC, making it older than the Pyramids 
  • Take a ride on the gigantic London Eye, where you can take in the whole view of London while among the clouds