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Take advantage of 1000s of qualified corporate leads. Most moving companies book moves within 2 days of joining. Best of all, Shyft pays within 1-10 days of a corporate move, saying goodbye to the 60-120 day payment terms.  

Shyft Pays Moving Companies Fast

In addition to helping moving companies book moves, Shyft is also the only financial technology for the moving industry. Now moving companies can have more control over their working capital, to grow their business. These various financial solutions are enabling the moving industry to grow.

Turn your invoices into working capital and watch your business grow?

Upfront Cash Flow for Your Business

We know that it takes money to make money. Moving companies need working capital and a healthy cash flow to take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Shyft’s suite of financial products provide the ecosystem that will empower your business to thrive.

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