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Access and bid on qualified corporate leads. Shipments are posted hourly, and include size, distance and budget. Most movers book their first customer within 2 days of onboarding.

Book moves. Get Leads. Get paid fast.

Increased Efficiencies

Shyft conversion rate is 40% after a survey; that’s triple the industry average, enabling moving companies to secure year-round business.

Seamless Payments

Shyft partners with large corporations who frequently move employees, enabling steady and fast payments to suppliers.

Year-Round Moves

Forget seasons. Improve performance and productivity throughout the year for bottom line growth.

Consistent Earnings

The Shyft payments ecosystem provides quick and easy remuneration for completed moves.

Upfront Cashflow

for Your Business.

Simply submit your outstanding invoices and supporting documentation. Once it’s verified, you’ll get paid. It’s that easy.

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Video Estimates

Maximize Productivity with Accurate Inventories

Shyft’s Video Estimation technology utilizes our proprietary algorithm to calculate inventories that are 95% accurate.

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