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Shyft’s innovative solutions enable moving companies to book more moves, and get paid in a simpler, faster, safer and more rewarding way.

Upfront Cash Flow for Your Business

We know that it takes money to make money. Moving companies need working capital and a healthy cash flow to take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Shyft’s suite of financial products provide the ecosystem that will empower your business to thrive.

AR Financing

Turn Unpaid Invoices Into Working Capital

Stop waiting for the 60-120 net days stipulated in your payment terms. We’ll pay for your invoice as soon as you’ve finished a move.

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Point of Sale

Make It Easier For Customers to Pay

Our digital point-of-sale solution enables you to send a payment link to your customers, and get paid without website integration.

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Removing financial complexity in the moving industry

Shyft's technology has automated and redefined the end-to-end moving process - from sourcing moving leads and providing support, to integrating financial solutions that enable the moving industry to grow.

Book Moves

Instantly Bid

on Thousands of Moves

Access and bid on qualified corporate leads. Shipments are posted hourly, and include size, distance and budget. Most movers book their first customer within 2 days of onboarding.

Video Estimates

Maximize Productivity with Accurate Inventories

Shyft’s Video Estimation technology utilizes our proprietary algorithm to calculate inventories that are 95% accurate.

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Moving to New Zealand from The States

The land next door to the Land Down Under, New Zealand, is a wealth of natural beauty, and a slower pace of life. This could be why many Americans have opted to move to the green pastures of New Zealand. You could want to move to New Zealand for work opportunities, education, family, or just to have a slow pace of life with fewer people around. And, getting to NZ is not a small task. But, with this article, and the help of Shyft, it can be.

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Moving to Australia from The USA

Thinking of moving to Australia? Living among the koalas, kangaroos and playing the didgeridoo? Well, stereotyping and joking aside, the Land Down Under is a remarkable place to live in. With its warm climate, wonderful collection of wildlife, tasty beer; and super friendly people it is no wonder that millions of Americans decided to make Australia their home.

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How to Work From Anywhere and Stay Productive

Remote work and working from anywhere can be great for those that want more of a sense of control over their time. You can work where you want and when you want. This can open you up to other activities and take on more projects since you would not have someone standing over you, and watching your every move. While this is a freeing idea it can also lead to a lack of motivation often lowing productivity. While you are not working from an office you still have to act like you are to get your tasks done on time without the stress building up.

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