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Shyft’s innovative solutions enable moving companies to book more moves, and get paid in a simpler, faster, safer and more rewarding way.

Upfront Cash Flow for Your Business

We know that it takes money to make money. Moving companies need working capital and a healthy cash flow to take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Shyft’s suite of financial products provide the ecosystem that will empower your business to thrive.

AR Financing

Turn Unpaid Invoices Into Working Capital

Stop waiting for the 60-120 net days stipulated in your payment terms. We’ll pay for your invoice as soon as you’ve finished a move.

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Point of Sale

Make It Easier For Customers to Pay

Our digital point-of-sale solution enables you to send a payment link to your customers, and get paid without website integration.

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Removing financial complexity in the moving industry

Shyft's technology has automated and redefined the end-to-end moving process - from sourcing moving leads and providing support, to integrating financial solutions that enable the moving industry to grow.

Book Moves

Instantly Bid

on Thousands of Moves

Access and bid on qualified corporate leads. Shipments are posted hourly, and include size, distance and budget. Most movers book their first customer within 2 days of onboarding.

Video Estimates

Maximize Productivity with Accurate Inventories

Shyft’s Video Estimation technology utilizes our proprietary algorithm to calculate inventories that are 95% accurate.

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Everything You Need to Know About Local Moves and Hiring Local Movers

Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or moving to a better neighborhood, you’ll need to find a local moving company that you can trust. The first step would be to weigh up…

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Best Ways to Find Local Moving Companies

Moving is about planning regardless of the distance that you have to travel. And, part of your moving planning process should include hiring a local moving company even if it is just an option. While you can save quite a pretty penny by doing it yourself, it can also increase your stress. You would have to do everything yourself including hiring a rental to transport your stuff, packing the delicate, and complex items, etc. These reasons and more are why millions of people often opt to hire local movers since they want their stress levels to be less and the quality (no offense) to be high. Here are the best ways for you to find the local moving company of your daydreams.

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Steps to Moving to Spain from the USA

Do you hear that? It is Spain calling out your name, inviting you not only for a visit but to stay. Spain is a welcoming country with so much culture that it may blow your mind. And, Americans love the space of Spain hence millions opt to make it their new home. Here are the steps to how to move to Spain from the United States, permanently.

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