Accepting Payments

Has Never Been This Easy

Shyft Pay is the easiest way for moving companies to digitalize their payments ecosystem, accept payments and manage their transactions all in one place

Transparent Pricing
Next Day Funding
Real Time Transaction Management
Tokenization & P2PE Security
Fully PCI Compliant

Manage payments

digitally and in person with Shyft Pay

We offer moving companies access to a suite of easy-to-use payment solutions.

Shyft Pay allows you to:

  • Accept payments online, at retail touch-points or virtually
  • Save between 10%-40% in processing fees
  • Find all of your transactions and reports in one place
  • Get paid quickly at a lower cost per transaction
  • Seamlessly manage all your businesses payment needs

The benefits of using Shyft Pay

Reduced fees

Watch your monthly processing fees go down by up to 40%.


Manage your entire payments ecosystem from our platform.

Instant payment links

Generate a payment link for customers in under 30 seconds.

Processing solutions

Payment terminal
Mobile Application
Virtual terminal
Transaction Management
Bill Plans and Recurring Billing
Custom Receipts
Custom Data Fields
Stored Customer Profiles
Cash Discount
Card-On-FIle Account Updater

Paid Fast

Here’s how it works:

Set up your account

Moving companies are approved within 48 hours. Most companies are fully set up in just a few days.

Multiple ways to accept payments

You can now add payments in seconds through simple drag-and-drop modules.

Get Paid Fast

Customer payments are deposited into your bank account within 48 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Merchant Services?

Merchant services, often labeled credit card processing, is the handling of electronic payment transactions. A merchant services provider simplifies the payments acceptance process, enabling merchants to expand their payment options, get their money more quickly and a number of other benefits.

Do all funds go directly to my bank account?

Yes - all funds from credit/debit cards are deposited the next business day directly into the account  provided during the application process.

What is the Process for Signing Up?

Signing up is simple - just use click the link below to inquire and one of our Shyft representatives will reach out to begin the process of analyzing your current rates and will provide an electronic application.

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Is Shyft Pay PCI Compliant?

Absolutely!  Not only do we provide compliant technology, our solution is validated by the PCI Council, which means less work for your business to stay secure.