Video Estimates

Maximize Productivity

with Accurate Inventories

Shyft’s Video Estimation technology utilizes our proprietary algorithm to calculate inventories that are 95% accurate from a single 30-minute contactless interaction with the customer. This saves time, improves accuracy, and is completely secure.

Book moves. Get Leads. Get paid fast.

30 minute average video survey length

As opposed to the industry standard of 3 hours.

2 hour average for survey & inventory

All inventory information, pictures, and videos are stored on the app.

How It Works

Moving companies can generate estimates and quotes anytime, anywhere

Your customer books a video survey at a time that is convenient for them

Your customer uses the video survey app to take a video of the items that they would like to move

The video is saved on the app and an inventory list is generated by either your team or Shyft

You can now quickly send your customer an inventory list that is 95% accurate and a quote

Shyft Has Everything Moving Companies Need

in One Place

Email, live chat, video/audio call, SMS

24/7 customer support & scheduling

Inventory tools integrated in the app

Automatic video recording, storage & instant access

Screenshots and live notes saved automatically

The only survey app with a search function


Shyft offers two types of video survey solutions to suit your business needs.

ShyftX Managed Services

The ShyftX team of experts conducts the video survey and generates 95% accurate inventory lists for you and your customers.

Starts from


Per survey + inventory list

ShyftX Self-Service

ShyftX lets you control communications with the client and inventory lists, while providing you 24/7 customer support.

Now only


Per month for unlimited usage

Upfront Cashflow

for Your Business.

Simply submit your outstanding invoices and supporting documentation. Once it’s verified, you’ll get paid. It’s that easy.

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Access and bid on qualified corporate leads. Shipments are posted hourly, and include size, distance and budget. Most movers book their first customer within 2 days of onboarding.