Forget Everything You Know About Insurance

Insurance has finally levelled up. Lemonade is powered by artificial intelligence and behavioral economics, and it is driven by social good. In addition to this, two differentiating factors stand out. The first is that claims are paid out fast. The second is that Lemonade treats the premiums you pay as your money, not theirs. This means that after they pay your claims and take their cut, they give back whatever is left over to causes that you care about. With Lemonade, you are part of a growing community of givers, and the bigger the community, the greater the contribution.  

‍Lemonade was designed to bring out the best in every single person they serve, while giving society a push in the right direction. You can join the movement right now and turn insurance - a necessary evil - into a social good just by getting a Lemonade insurance policy.

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