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How to Get an Estimate / Schedule a pickup

To get a free estimate for the cost of the pickup and a resale assessment of the items you can submit photos via our website or text them to 415-969-4060.  You will receive an estimate within 24 hours and from there you will be able to book a pickup.


We charge a pickup fee based on the volume of items collected.  We use a 24-foot moving truck and the charge is per ⅛ of truck and $1.50 per cubic feet for items for disposal.  

How We Sell:

Items collected for resale are on consignment.  They are appraised, professionally photographed and then sold via a variety of resale channels including our own store and showroom  We also sell via other marketplaces depending on the type of item, style and value. Items are appraised on a price range and the price is slowly reduced during the consignment period. Our goal is to get each item in-front of the right buyers.

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