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Get more than just moving services.

Have a safe and secure moving experience.

Your move organized in 4 simple steps

We place our customers with a moving company that fits their needs and budget, and oversee the entire process from door-to-door.

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The Shyft Advantage

Shyft’s concierge approach ensures that all your needs are met, while your personal Move Coach is there at every step of the way, acting as your advocate throughout the move process.  

Your Move Coach ensures that your items are delivered safely from door to door, protecting you and your family from risk and uncertainty when moving.

Your personal Move Coach will help with:

Planning your move
Multiple moving quotes
Price Lock

We’re changing the
way the world moves

Shyft takes the hassle out of the moving process. From video surveys and multiple pricing options to a simple, app driven customer experience, you will always know what’s happening with your move.

Get more than just moving services.
Have a safe and secure moving experience.

Available 7 days a week

Shyft  will organize and  oversee your move. Have questions? Your Move Coach is available, around the clock, to take care of your requirements.

Trusted moving companies

Shyft has reviewed, vetted and approved every moving company it works with. Shyft is there to ensure the our quality standards are upheld during each move.

Multiple moving quotes

We provide accurate pricing tailored for your move. Our moving quotes only change when the move distance or number of items changes. You can also Move Now, Pay Later.

Shyft’s patented moving technology ensures that your move is accurately priced

During our video survey, your Move Coach will guide you through your home and extract an inventory list with 95% accuracy - this means that the price you’re quoted is usually the price you’ll pay.

Discounts on exceptional moving services with Shyft’s Moving Marketplace

Shyft is the key to the #1 moving marketplace. It’s the only place where you can organize your entire move and the services you need in your new home over one, short video chat. Shyft’s virtual marketplace of verified vendors gives our community exclusive access to unique discounts. It’s your gateway to a world of benefits.

Move Now, Pay Later

Gone are the days of paying in full for your move! With Shyft, you can now Move Now, Pay Later through our partnership with Affirm. Simply choose to Move Now, Pay Later when you pick your moving quote - it really is that easy.

Coverage for your move

Shyft offers comprehensive protection for your move across our offerings. Our coverage is specifically built for the household goods moving industry. Claim settlements are fair and accurate and generally processed within 2 weeks of receipt of claim form and required documentation.

AARP Members

get up to $250 off

AARP members receive an exclusive discount of up to $250 for every move. There are no additional fees or hidden costs. Members have access to a dedicated Shyft Move Manager, who will work with them to ensure a stress free moving experience by connecting them with verified Moving Companies.

Shyft customers

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Shyft Blog

June 5, 2023

PCS Move Checklist for Your Next PCS Move

People in the Military or Navy tend to move around a lot. This is part of the job and regardless if it is your first PCS move (Permanent Change of Station move) or your million one organizing it as well as staying on top of things can be a challenge. Well, you can use this checklist to keep your Military PCS move or Navy PCS move to run as smoothly as possible. But, just to confirm…

May 30, 2023

Is It Worth Moving to Zurich?

Switzerland’s Zurich is a charming city with a thriving cultural scene. Allow Alpine views, Swiss chocolates, an efficient transport system, and exploring a historic town to become part of your norm. Just make the move to Zurich and it will be. Here is how moving to Zurich from the US can be smoothly done. And, you most probably already know that you want to make the move since you are reading this article, so let’s advise you how. But, always remember to speak to a professional when it comes to legal matters such as customs, paperwork, etc. If you are moving to Zurich with your family, then you will want to make sure that their paperwork is in order too.

May 22, 2023

Moving with a Baby? Make it a Smooth Moving Experience

Babies are simple yet complex creatures where they feel things that they cannot put into words. Or they put into words that only they fully understand. This is why moving with a baby from house to house, country to country can be a real challenge. However, it does not have to be if you prepare in advance. You just have to plan well, prepare with them in mind (obviously), and follow this guide for moving house with a baby. But also speak to a professional, this article is merely a little guideline.

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